Video: Wii Remote Pistol Controller

Brian Crecente writes:

I have no idea how it feels, but Nyko's Perfect Shot for the Wii remote certainly looks kick ass. My only issue is that I tend to forget about controllers that I have tucked away in elaborate cases, like the one still sitting dormant in my Guitar Hero controller.


For an image of the controller:

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Marceles3993d ago (Edited 3993d ago )

I'd love to play Resident Evil 4 with it. I wish the end of the gun didn't have that cheap orange holder least make it white. That Zapper picture is kinda misleading...I thought the video would be a guy who modded the NES Zapper into a Wiimote. You should at least use the picture on IGN...

toughNAME3993d ago

yeah my bad man

I had trouble finding a jpeg version on google