GT Academy 2012 Participants Drive 2 Million Miles in 24 Hours

GT Academy 2012 gets off to an impressive start, attracting over 63,000 participants in its first day online.

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waltyftm2337d ago

Well done people, got gold on all events so far, no where near top 100 yet, but love the new menu system, and slight graphical update on he tracks.

Yi-Long2337d ago

... but I just couldn't really care for it. The tests were pretty boring, the tracks were bland and lifeless, and there was no sensation of speed.

I guess I'm just more into racing games like GRID and DIRT 2.

Hicken2337d ago

Both of which, while being great games, are more arcade than sim. Or rather, more arcade than GT5 is.

I, personally, find that there's no game on console which simulates real driving better than GT5 does. And that's a massive part of what draws it to me, as I love everything about cars.

MrDead2337d ago

I do quite well with online GT until the last corner of the last lap I push it too hard then crash and burn.

sandman2242337d ago

I wish gt5 was a downloadable game on PSN.