Are games better with Kinect?

Microsoft wants you to believe that games are "Better with Kinect," but developers must take major steps to prove that theory.

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GribbleGrunger2054d ago

make some and then perhaps we can decide

PhantomTommy2054d ago

Child Of Eden, that's all. Everything else is about as fun as a kick in the balls with Kinect.

Godmars2902054d ago

Isn't there a PS3/Move version of the game?

PhantomTommy2054d ago

I'm not actually sure, I played it in my friends house cause we were both big Rez fans, it probably is on Ps3 too.

OutcastSpartan72052d ago

Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim too.

StrongMan2054d ago

Check the reviews of Kinect games on Metacritic lately.

Kinect Star Wars 56
Kinect Rush: A Disney-Pixar Adventure 68
Diabolical Pitch 57

Megaton2054d ago

Nope. Purely marketing jargon. Nothing is better with Kinect.

h311rais3r2054d ago

Child of Eden is way better with kinect. That's about it

OutcastSpartan72052d ago

Child of Eden, Mass Effect 3 and Skyrim, all better
with Kinect.

Those are just the ones I've played.

SybaRat2054d ago

The Steel Battalion one he mentions sounds interesting. At least, it'll probably suck in an interesting way.

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