Major Nelson: Changes for Inside Xbox (U.S.)

Major Nelson: [W]e’ve decided to discontinue production of Inside Xbox in the United States, and as a result this content will also no longer be available in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Xbox LIVE in EMEA is currently looking at its operating model for Inside Xbox. This could potentially result in some changes, but we have no news here to share yet. Xbox LIVE in Mexico and Japan will continue to produce first-party content for its members via other media outside of the Inside Xbox brand

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TekoIie2388d ago

Nothing mentioned about the UK version so i assumes its relatively safe?

liquidhalos2388d ago

Have they got rid of those irritating wankers from sentuamessage yet? you know those 2 c**ts with the emo comb overs to hide their bald spots who rely on childlike humour?

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WHY!?!?!?! I remember. OH GOD my brain hurts now :S

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LOL they annoyed the living shit out of me