Why I’m Excited For Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale (And You Should, Too)

Gamersheep: It’s hard to express the level of anticipation I have for the upcoming Playsation All-Stars Battle Royale. As a Super Smash Bros fan (but an even bigger Playstation fan), this really seems like the game I’ve only dreamed of. Battle Royale is rapidly becoming my most anticipated Playstation title of 2012, and here’s why.

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Afirmitive2393d ago

I, for one, am super excited for this game. I am a huge fan of Brawl and Melee and as great as those games were this game shows promise. With a stable online connection, tornaments, team battles, free for all and one vs one this will be incredible. please, Wii fans, if you are a fan of Smash, you should be HAPPY this is coming out! If you're calling this a clone then call everything else a clone. Virtual Fighter, Tekken and Dead or Alive are all fighting games that are very similar, but different enough to hold it's own as an independant title. Give the game a chance!

b_one2393d ago

dude, for those haters that think SSB was one and only first ever, there is only one link
nothing more.

smashcrashbash2393d ago

That is what ignorance is all about. People are so narrow minded that they believe that what they see in the present is all that exists not knowing that other things have existed in the past. It's the same way people justify Kinect's existence and innovation by pretending that it is nothing like the Eyetoy or some people pretending that 3DS AR is just like that camera thing the Gameboy had and not like Sony's AR cards or trying to hide the fact that achievements existed in Insomniac's games before Microsoft decided to use them .To find out that SSB is not an original concept screws up the little fantasy world many gamers live in.

GribbleGrunger2393d ago

other people have said that before you....

BitbyDeath2393d ago

I'm excited to see who's in it and what mashup levels are included but still not 100% sold on the game itself.

Tonester9252393d ago

I hope they have a mode with a Life Bar of some type as well

aDDicteD2393d ago

yup this game excites me but what Im more excited on is those characters that they will put in this game and i hope the roster would be huge