Do Video Games Need a Twist?

Twists are prevalent in almost all forms of media with video games being near the top of the list. Although there are a few gamers who swear that gameplay is the end-all determining factor for how entertaining a game is, it's nearly impossible to deny the effect that a hooking story can have on the player. A twist could come in the form of your once best friend actually being apart of a rival faction, or you could find out that the events that just took place were merely part of a dream. Regardless of what shape they take, we're going to take a look at how crucial twists can be for the fate of a game.

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PS360WII3930d ago

In my opinion no story is complete without a twist ^^

Downtown boogey3930d ago

Well, story can easily be complete without a twist but there's nothing wrong with PROPER twists.

Lilbambit3930d ago

Bioshock alone proves that twists can be done