Let the Call of Duty: Black Ops II Wii speculation begin

There is one sign that Black Ops II is in the works for Wii.

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TheSuperior 2389d ago

It would be cool if the Wii could really pick up on some of the big titles on other consoles for the hardcore gamer just because i feel there are usually geared toward kids and families (not saying the Wii doesnt have any hardcore titles just saying there seems to be a lack)

blinkingfast2389d ago

wii has had every COD game ps3 and xbox 360 have..
the last 2 COD games have been on ds too.

GraveLord2388d ago

They should just ditch the Wii and focus on Wii U.
It'll end up being a much better product in the end.

ZeroG192388d ago

Theres actually a strong rumor going around that a Wii U version will be coming and judging by the article that i read its pretty much 100%

TheDivine2388d ago

Hope it come to 3ds so i can play zombies in 3d. Vita would be awesome also, might get one of those over a console version if theyre decent.

MiamiACR212388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

And let it end right here.