Pokemon Conquest = FF Tactics + Civilization (Hands-On)

GameXplain: "I’ve never been much of one for tactical RPGs...or RPGs for that matter. But I, like many of you I’m sure, sank more than my fair share of hours into the original Pokemon games (and by “fair share,” I mean “hundreds). And though the Pokemon games since haven’t really hooked me in the same way, Pokemon Conquest might change that. And the reason for that is Pokemon Conquest isn’t really a true Pokemon game at all, as I learned during my hour-long demo of the game last week at Nintendo’s office."

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Eternalb2416d ago

I'm trying to do the math...Pokemon and Civilization? The hell?

Relientk772416d ago

That sounds awesome actually, interesting combo

newsguy2416d ago

sounds like a crazy ass combo...

TruthbeTold2416d ago

So it's somewhat similar to Fire Emblem, but with Pokemon and Samurai as trainers? I may have to buy this one after all. Definitely looking forward to more info, since I had previously misjudged what the meat of the game was.

ScubaSteve12416d ago

why the ds? there needs to be a pokemon on the 3ds

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