DUST 514 Beta Redeem Page Is Live

DUST writes:

The wait is over, Fanfest 2012 attendees! Redeem page just went live and you can enter your beta codes that you received in Iceland. Enjoy your beta, and keep in mind that you are under NDA so don't record any videos, post screenshots or talk about your experience outside of DUST 514 official forums! Also, this means that brand new build of DUST 514 will be deployed on servers and that you will be able to experience even better beta than the one that was at Fanfest - with a lot of bug fixes and additional features.

Keep in mind that you still need to receive your PSN code to get the game itself on your PS3 - and that code should arrive soon to your inbox. Give it a few days! Sit back and relax now.

We will see you on the battlefield!


The Open Beta starts in June.

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Drabent2414d ago

Hurry and get beta to PSN Plus members plz....finally a game I can leave battelfreeze 3 for and NOT look back woot~

younglj012414d ago

thought the freezing only happen too me.was having my best game using jets and it freeze on me.

but on topic i cant wait too play Dust514 looking too be awesome...

SpitFireAce852414d ago

I need a beta code....someone please PM me a code willing
to pay upwards of $5 for code...:)

Hicken2414d ago

I really, REALLY want to play this already!!!!

Sevir2414d ago

Hope plus members get a piece of the beta action!

r212413d ago

anyway to get the codes free?