DUST 514 Beta: The ''Replication'' Update

DUST 514 org:

CCP Navigator posted on EVE Online forums about the current state of beta and what "Replication" is going to bring!

Dear DUST 514 fans,

It’s been a month since FanFest 2012 and the DUST 514 development team has been hard at work implementing bug fixes, new features and all kinds of enhancements for our next build for the DUST 514 Closed Beta, called the “Replication” update. Many of the improvements were the results of player feedback we received at FanFest and on the forums, and as all this feedback has given us a lot of great ideas that we’ve crammed into the Replication update. However, this has also taken a bit more time than we had initially planned. This means that we have pushed the launch of Replication by about a week. The good news is that we’ve just received confirmation from Sony that the Replication update has passed their review process and based on the current schedule, the Replication update should go live very soon.

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Emilio_Estevez2390d ago

Beta needs some love, that's for sure. I'll give it another go once this update hits.