Black Ops 2: A New Beginning, Or The Beginning Of The End?

The Black Ops 2 trailer is out there, opinions have been cast, and many have made up their mind about Treyarch's new direction already. NowGamer weighs up both sides in an opinion blog.

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skyward2421d ago

Not a fan of the 'me-too' future scenario, but looking forward to seeing what surprises they've got in store.

h311rais3r2420d ago

I wouldn't say it's a me too considering many people kept saying it needs a future iteration seeing as all previous "games" we're past or present.

fastrez2421d ago

I'd be terrified right now if I was Treyarch, there's a lot of pressure on them. Takes balls of steel to try and steer a series like Call of Duty so late in the game. Kudos to them.

joab7772420d ago

CoD has the cushion to see drops in mw3 or black ops 2. They did the one thing they couldnt afford not to do, change it up. Now is the time to try new things. And theres no need to build a new engine because next gen is coming. One fear would be a competitor coming in and taking over. Not gonna happen. Another would be gamers sickening or tiring of the genre as a whole. This will add a little energy to get them to next gen.