Call Of Duty:Black Ops 2 The Game You Have Been Waiting For?

Many a time has it been said that Call Of Duty needs to move to a new time, not just replay loosely (very loosely) what happened in the past, well it seems that the latest installment in the Call Of Duty Series, Black Ops 2 has finally answered your gripes with the previous games.

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aviator1892393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I really didn't care much for what time period, I just wanted and want a new game engine that looks the day.

@below: Of course I care about gameplay/features, but if there's on thing I've learned from Treyarch judging from Black Ops 2 is that they're full of crazy ideas such as wager matches, especially gun game and one in a chamber so I'm not really concerned about game feature when they're at the helm. But right now, a new game engine that screams 2012 is, in my opinion, exactly what the franchise needs to gain an upper hand in the market.

And.."this is the change we have been asking for." -- Um, I didn't know you spoke for the entire community...Many times I read through these comments, the majority of the people are asking for a new game engine, so...

GraveLord2393d ago

So you don't care about gameplay or features? All you want is better graphics? LOL.

Black Ops 2 looks to be the most unique Call of Duty game, ever. This is the change we have been asking for.

ShottySnipa4172393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

After it has been using the same engine for over half a decade? Yes, it's time for an upgrade.

And how exactly is this iteration "unique"? Because of the futuristic tech? Ghost Recon: Future Soldier recently beat this game to it, not to mention Homefront and other near-future games. All we saw so far was a trailer for the Campaign will little-to-no details on game-play.

I also said something similar on another page: It's always the trailers that hype people up so much, and once the game hits retail, people initially love it, then after a month or two, hate the game and begin to hype the next release. It's a cycle.

I would wait for more details on the game-play itself before you make a statement such as "this is the change we have been asking for".

grahf2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

I don't get the "Better Engine" argument for all the hating on Call of Duty. How do you want it better? How much more horsepower do you think ANYONE can push this current console generation and keep the high frame rate, with up to 18 players connected?

Don't bring up Battlefield 3. Its 30 FPS. You can still do a lot with this generation at 30 FPS, though I wasn't particularly impressed to begin with. (opinion would be 100% different if I played on a PC that can push 60 FPS, 1080p on ultra settings. Anything less than that and you may as well stick to playing on a console)

And don't say there isn't a difference between 30 & 60. If you can't tell the difference you need to get your eyes checked.

And its not the same engine. Not by a longshot. You old-tyme COD4 vets have rose-colored glasses on. I started my CoD career with Black Ops after avoiding FPS games since Golden Eye in college. Then I played MW3. Then I went back and bought COD4. There is NO comparison in graphics. Even between BlOps & MW3 there is a jump in graphics.

And I can hit the disagree button as well.

RedDead2393d ago

Battlefield beat Cod to it...last gen

ShottySnipa4172393d ago

There's a difference between a "different engine" and a "heavily modified" engine. The CoD engine has been the same since CoD2 but went through modifications with each release.

The only real differences in terms of visual fidelity between the recent CoDs is lighting. I notice that each game gets noticeably brighter within the MW series.

The environments themselves still feel really static and plain in MW3, just like it did in CoD4. The objects stick to place, no structural damage is caused to buildings when things explode (I'm not asking for Battlefield destruction. More like Gears of War 2-3's destruction) trees and grass don't sway with the wind, skyboxes are 2D, muddy textures all over the place, I can keep going...

The only aspect that looks "good" is the weapons, which you always see. Their poly count is always high and it looks crisp.

Other than that, the game looks almost the same since 2005. I think YOU need glasses, my friend.

Majin-vegeta2393d ago


There's your problem you started with Blk ops while most of us have seen it since2007.I guarantee you that if you had started since COD4 you would understand why COD get's all this hate.

grahf2393d ago

So you want more of a "living" environment. Thats the first time I've seen an actual request for a feature besides "WTB New Engine." I'll give you that. I don't know how they can pull it off at the FPS they aim for with each release, and in all honesty I'm fine with "modified" engine for THIS generation as long as it keeps up the high FPS. Frankly for 1st person, 30 FPS gives me a headache.

Maybe, maybe not. I tend to accept modest improvements of each game within a series/engine. Mass Effect comes to mind. Same engine, just modified and refined through the series, but you can see the improvement with each installation. I can SEE the improvement from BlOps to MW3, then going BACK to COD4 I can see how far they have come, and the even the improvement in the trailer we all watched last night (especially compared to the MW3 trailer last year this time)

Thanks for the feedback, and for an actual reason of an improvement. But, do you think that is even possible with this generation @ 60 fps?

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core_52393d ago

never ... i could be modern warfare 4

cartooon2702393d ago

the story mode in the game is gonig to be like mass effict wich is a frist in cod so ya i think its different

Virus2012393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

The story mode is going to be like Mass Effect??

So I guess Woods is going to travel the galaxy and gather a team to fight an enemy that wants to take out everyone in that galaxy. WOW.

ShottySnipa4172393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

What he meant was that the story mode will have a non-linear path to it like Mass Effect, where you choose the path through the campaign, but it won't be open world.

Virus2012393d ago

Oh ok. I thought one of those that are comparing Black Ops 2 to any future shooter. Kind of like a whole bunch of kids are doing over there on Youtube.

But yes, after watching this video I understand where that can relate to Mass Effect.

ginsunuva2393d ago

No. It won't be like ME. This is a mainstream fps. It will probably have 2 or 3 decisions in the whole story that change the ending narration slighty. They're too lazy to make separate scenarios for real branching story like ME or Heavy Rain.

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