Video Game's 5 Most Dangerous Females

Females in gaming have been making a great name for themselves over the past few years. Instead of games doing the classic cliché, damsel in distress sort of thing, it has been more likely that the female will take the role as a strong sidekick or even main protagonist rather than the normal weak hostage cliché. The gaming industry is surrounded by the toughest of though female characters and the number of these lethal ladies just keeps growing. Over the past few years players have witnessed women being as beautiful as they are daring, as darling as they are deadly and as true as they are talented. So which 5 deadly beauties are the most dangerous of them all?

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TheSuperior 2365d ago

How to pick a favorite?!? hahaha

TheSuperior 2365d ago (Edited 2365d ago )

lol id be scared if they were all like these women... or if they were all like my mom... that would be scary lol jk my moms actually nice

LindsayBelleChambers2365d ago

great topic. but why is it so awkwardly rewritten? seriously needs an edit as half of the sentences barely make sense (and most aren't in proper english, as if translated from another language through an online translator with no editing whatsoever)

TheGrimBunny2365d ago

I think women in general are dangerous.

-MD-2365d ago

How is Elena Fisher above people like Jill Valentine or Joanna Dark?

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The story is too old to be commented.