Five reasons why Starhawk has the potential to be the Halo of PS3

PlayStation Universe gives its reasons why it believes Starhawk has incredible multiplayer potential.

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ritsuka6662421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

Sony may never have a Halo Killer

Remember Haze and Killzone? this game was hyped up beyond belief, and was also given the title of "Halo killer. SHM,calling any first person shooter a "Halo of PS3 is silly.

BigBoss19642421d ago

The media hyped up Killzone to be the 'Halo Killer'

guitarded772421d ago

If anything, Starhawk is our alternative to Star Wars Battlefront since LucasArts doesn't seem to want to make the damn game. Good on LightBox Interactive for making a fun third person shooter... I was a Warhawk whore, now I'll be a Starhawk whore.

BabyTownFrolics2420d ago

guitarded77, that is exactly why the game is day for me

Army_of_Darkness2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

But what if I don't like Halo to begin with?!

Resistance 3 is way better than any Halo game personally. The other 2 Resistance, not so much...

TekoIie2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Are we honestly comparing a FPS to a TPS with some RTS mechanics??? I sense someone has gone hit fishing...

EeJLP-2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

Resistance: Fall of Man was better than Halo.

Insomniac's been kicking that franchise in the nuts ever since though, changing everything mostly for the worse.
(I'm talking multiplayer-wise mainly, but also applies to the campaign.)

EeJLP-2420d ago

Starhawk reminds me much more of Red Faction: Guerrilla than Halo.

Septic2420d ago

Resistance better than Halo?

Hahahhahahahahhahahahahahahha hahaha.

Ah you guys and your jokes :D

Surely you were joking right?

EZMickey2420d ago

The media didn't hype it up to be a Halo Killer, Sony PS2 Fanboys did. Sony themselves also hyped it up a lot more than it warranted, spending a lot of money on marketing, because they wanted to have a title to compete on that front.

The sad truth is that Guerrilla Games were originally PC developers who Sony had bought and they just weren't familiar enough with the PS2 to develop up to the standards of the hype that was generated. All the same, Killzone was not that bad of a game and Sony learned their lesson and obviously made sure they were well acquainted with the PS3's hardware because the difference in quality between KZ1 and KZ2 is amazing.


SilentNegotiator2420d ago

Not that anyone is going to read it, but the article isn't saying "halo killer". It's not being competitive or malevolent.

It's just saying that PS3 could use a game with multiplayer as "robust" as the Halo games. And that Starhawk could be that game.

Between the unique build system, vehicles, varied maps, has a lot of potential for variety and robust multiplayer.

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shammgod2421d ago

Halo sucks. It's a little kids game

2420d ago
mochachino2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

I love games but I wouldn't call any of the story lines mature, at best they compare to a good action movie.

Chitown712912420d ago

@Mochachino : Heavy Rain*t was so depressing lol

Kingdom Come2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

The fact you have any agrees exhibits the state in which this site is in. I would ask on what basis you have made such a judgement, but my impression is that you haven't played a single installment in the franchise.

On topic, having participated in the beta I would agree that the game is more reminiscent of Star Wars Battlefront than the Halo franchise...

CaptainPunch2420d ago

Lmao keep telling yourself that

spicelicka2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

It's funny when idiots have maybe seen two gameplay videos of HALO, maybe played it for a few hours, and decide it sucks because they're unfortunate enough to not be part of the phenomenon.

That's what makes you butthurt and that's all u ppl are don't even lie to yourself.

Now ppl are gonna come out and say "o i have halo and i dont like it" or "i've finished the campaign and it sucks", which in most cases is a lie, and if not, you either have not invested any time into it or you're a fanboy or u just suckk.

The halo universe is so freakin big it doesn't fit into the game. That's why only a small portion of it used so it flows with the gameplay. If you're saying the story isn't mature you're just ignorant.

I refuse to believe any sane person who has played HALO properly could ever say halo sucks. The game is so amazing that even if you don't like it personally, you should be respectful enough to admit that it's a good game in general.

I feel the same way about uncharted, but i'm man enough to admit it's a great game even if i don't like it, and i dont go around hating on it.

Tdmd2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )


"I refuse to believe any sane person who has played HALO properly could ever say halo sucks."

I refuse to believe that any sane person would take something as subjective as a personal opinion as a lie from an immature fanboy or an frustrated inept user. Actually, there are many sane people like that, I must admit, just not that many educated sane people.

On Topic: Starhawk seems to be THE online experience I've been aching for since the beginning of this gaming generation: a third-person shooter big on team-play, strategy, gameplay variety and customization. It's just the game I had hoped to play after MGO!

A-Glorious-Dawn2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )


I have played so much Halo with my buddies back in the day and it was always a blast..

It's hard to go back to it now though... for me the formula is tired, just like COD..

Edit: Starhawk for me is vastly more appealing

Septic2420d ago

42 agrees?!
More agrees than disagrees?

Just how many fanboys on this site are there?! They are spreading like bacteria.

SilentNegotiator2420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )


Where's the outrage when people say the same sort of things about Call of Duty? And "ZOMG so many agrees!!" that they get? A high rated series and best seller of the generation?

Some popular games get panned by communities on the internet because they're over-rated. Deal with it.

DirtyLary2419d ago

Halo was nothing more than Unreal Tourny for the xbox 360.

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mcstorm2421d ago

I have to agree with you. But TBH I don't think we will see a halo killer just like there will never be a Mario Killer, Or Mario Kart, Or uncharted, LBP ect. they are all games in there own rights and its your choice if they are better than another just like how I like Forza 4 better than GT5 or BF3 over MW3. its just what I like it dose not make me wrong for liking a game better than another or someone else wrong for not liking the games I like this is why we have choices in our life.

JoGam2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I dont see why PS3 needs a Halo killer when Halo is on 360. Beside games are meant to be fun and every game will have it followers. The way I see it, if Starhawk need to kill anything it should be Warhawk. Beside Halo, Warhawk, Starhawk, Killzone, ALL have differences and has legs to stand on its own. Im just saying. Oh and the Title didnt say Halo Killer.

Pushagree2421d ago

Halo died a long time ago.

vallencer2420d ago

Really? Because it's still widely played as casual and professional.

MrDead2421d ago (Edited 2420d ago )


"The PlayStation 3 has been screaming out for an exclusive game with a multiplayer system that’s as robust and exciting as the Halo franchise on Xbox 360"

"Here are five reasons why we believe Starhawk’s online component has the potential to engage the PlayStation community like no other shooter before it…"

It's just saying Starhawk can be for the PS3 online what Halo is for the 360. In other words a big user base.

At no point does it say "Halo killer" anywhere

spicelicka2420d ago


freakin flaming fanboys blow it out of proportion

kneon2420d ago

Every time I've tried Halo multi-player I've found it dull so it's not too difficult for a game to beat Halo in excitement.

A-Glorious-Dawn2420d ago

To be fair.. many online games on PSN are easily as robust as halo...

Warhawk already takes a seat in that category..

cpayne932421d ago

I'm not sure if you guys mean halo clone by halo killer. There may be no ps3 exclusive like that, but I think Killzone 2 had a campaign and multiplayer that gave halo a run for its money in terms of quality, and the resistance games all have fantastic campaigns. However, they all do their own things and are unique in their own ways. We don't need games copying each other, we've seen enough of that with cod. We need games trying to have their own style. I didn't play to much of starhawk in the beta, but it looked like it was pretty unique to me.

Play2Win2420d ago

Halo can never be matched by any game. That's why it's a classic franchise. Just like Gears of War. I think you will see Halo and Gears even on the next generations Xbox.

2420d ago
WeskerChildReborned2420d ago

Starhawk isn't first person but i do believe this won't be a Halo Killer.

DarkSniper2420d ago

Starhawk does not need to be a Halo killer. In fact it would be better served if it was'nt affiliated with that franchise at all.

Tying your name to something to the likes of Halo is dooming yourself to failure. As you can see, even Bungie doesnt want anything to do with the franchise.

Starhawk utilizes the PlayStation®3 to it's maximum potential. Which is why Starhawk will provide a superior experience that cannot be rivaled on any other console.


u got owned2420d ago

Why every FPS game has to be a Halo Killer cant they all coexist. Im sure Starhawk will be a great game.

StraightPath2420d ago

played StarHawk beta intial thoughts on Halo of PS3? ...In your dreams lol. It will most likely end of like WarHawk. dead lobbies only few hardcore fans will people playing in the 100s.

NastyLeftHook02420d ago

If playstation 3 fans wanted halo, they would have bought an xbox360 instead.

2420d ago
Almir9082420d ago

Re-read the title again idiot. It has the potential to be Halo of Ps3. Where does it say it's considered a Halo Killer?

Awesome_Gamer2420d ago

Killzone is actually way better than halo, Gears of war is miles better than halo too

M-M2416d ago

Starhawk can't "kill" any game because it's in a league of it's own.

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GribbleGrunger2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

i don't want it to be a Halo killer thanks, i want it to be a Killzone killer. i have high standards, and whilst i can appreciate that Halo sells really well and has a great online component, i really want the best of everything. sales don't matter to me, gameplay and presentation does

The Meerkat2421d ago

Yeah because Halo has NEVER been about gameplay or presentation. /s

On a serious note, I wish Starhawk was on the 360 because it looks ace.

RedDead2421d ago

Yeah Warhawk was pretty amazing, it was like Star wars battlefront except it as bigger and better(imo). I wonder how Starhawk will turn out

A-Glorious-Dawn2420d ago

Yeah if you're not playing starhawk this year you're missing out greatly...

It's the first of it's Kind and Lightbox had done well...

BlackTar1872421d ago

yea come on halo may not be your cup of tea but it is always top in gameplay and presentation.

TheRealHeisenberg2421d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

It won't be because it can't be. Halo has offered up awesome gameplay and presentation in spades. Only the blind can't see that. Oh wait...Stevie Wonder loves Halo too. Nothing can kill the beast that is Halo until MS does it.

Killzone is a fantastic series and one of my favorites on PS but to carry on like it is so above Halo is pure nonsense.

And yes, I am looking forward to Starhawk and the freebies I'm getting for being in the beta.

@ GribbleGrunger

Yep, the media did say it. Unfortunately, the media is full of those that are biased one way or the other and all too often so many of the "non-media" buy in to such things.

GribbleGrunger2421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

and people, just remember for future reference: Sony didn't say this, the media did. the same with Haze and Killzone.

mr_badhand2420d ago

The media is definitely biased against sony.

ritsuka6662420d ago (Edited 2420d ago )

The thing with Halo was the Split screen ,single player ,and online mp. IT had variety. so I dont think Killzone 2 "KILL" Halo Ive played it and it's not good game and have nothing special.

BushLitter2421d ago

I don't see how it can be a Halo Killer seeing as how its nothing like HALO. Very unique title that caters to a lot of different tastes. Doubt it will sell anywhere near as well as Halo, but aside from sales, its silly to compare.

In any event Call of Duty was the Halo Killer

TheRealHeisenberg2420d ago

Lol, some people still say Call of Duty killed Halo? Seek medical attention immediately.

mr_badhand2421d ago

Holy crap, I didn't think we would ever get a "Halo" killer title on n4g in this day and age.


Hopefully sales are comparable.
I want Starhawk,not Halo or anything remotely Halo,Killzone,COD or Killer.
Thats just the way it is