Nintendo Admit That Casual Focus Cost Company

GamingLives writes "In a surprising speech to investors, Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, admitted that the company’s focus on reaching new consumers and the family friendly market may well have placed Nintendo in the more precarious position in which it now finds itself. As we reported a few days ago, Nintendo recently posted a financial loss for the first time since it gave up on cards and concentrated on console gaming, and it would seem that the company have taken a long, hard look at why that might be."

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mochachino2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

It will be interesting to see which market Nintendo focuses on with the Wii U (casual, core or hardcore) and whether or not 3rd parties support it.

HarryMasonHerpderp2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I don't see why a console cant do all of those markets.seems to of been one or the other this gen.Although in the Xbox 360s case it changed from hardcore to more casual console like the wii these days in my opinion.

Gaming1012390d ago

Microsoft already grabbed up a lot of the hardcore audience, and they saw how much money Nintendo was making with people who never even considered buying a videogame ever, and they wanted a piece of the pie so they made the kinect and started selling to Nintendo's audience.

Akuma-2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

All someone has to do is look at the hardware of the wii u and the controllers to see where Nintendo is going with its new console. A controller with a touch screen and inaccurate wiimotes again.

Ask the rabbit, he knows. Tricks are for kids. Don't be tricked

Remember the boy who cried wolf and how he stole red riding hoods cold porridge

Lucretia2390d ago

yeah the wii-u just looks gimmicky and just what the wii shuda been in the first place.

but we will see if thats confirmed coming this e3, tho with a few months from release i dont think its gonna be much different

mike1up2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

*cough* show and not say *cough*

"All someone has to do is look at the WiiU and controller to see where Nintendo is going with its new console"

Gee I never realized that the WiiU had a built in Crystal Ball that lets us see into the future.

Actually Akuma-, all somone has to do is LISTEN to what Nintendo has been saying since the WiiU was announced. They have done nothing but say that their focus is for hardcore.

Put your Crystal Ball down, and start reading some of the articles for a change.

PopRocks3592390d ago


You act as if Nintendo has never catered to core audiences before. *cough*N64andGamecube*cough*

Gimmicky or not, some of the features on the controller are pretty neat for gaming in general. There's a headphone jack in the controller, it has a camera, a gyroscope and a touch screen. These tools can be used to make games (I have shooters specifically in mind) more interesting.

These same inputs were used with games like Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS and in my opinion made them all the better.

So let's actually give it a chance instead of being ignorant, eh?

yabhero2390d ago

Ignore Akuma, he's just upset he can't use the same controllers as 10 years ago...
When we talk core gamers we mean people who loves hard games, fun games... people who are devoted to games. Not graphics or companies...
When you say CORE you mean CallofDuty Obsessed Rabid Enthusiastics

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Burning_Finger2390d ago

Too late for Nintendo. Their company will always be seen as a casual company to gamer's eyes.

Kos-Mos2390d ago

Well, some of us have known Nintendo since NES days, so your statement is not correct, hence I corrected it.

Krew_922390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I grew up with the original Nintendo, and even I can admit that Nintendo has changed.

I'm not saying it changed for the better, or the worse. Nintendo just changed.

scotchmouth2390d ago

I agree with krew. Nintendo has changed. Whether that's for better or worse is some what subjective.

Kosmos... I think burning's post makes an interesting point. There are plenty of gamers not old enough to remember the nes glory days. All they really have to go off of is the last outting. I think that perspective is more common than you would think.

tigertron2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I've known Ninty since the SNES and I think Nintendo has focused solely on the casual market.

I've played on the Wii but I never bought one because only 2-3 games appealed to me and in my book, thats dissapointing and a clear sign that Nintendo has ceased to gain my interest in favour of casuals.

I'm not saying the Wii doesn't have any hardcore games, but if we're honest it doesn't have many.

PygmelionHunter2390d ago

You got it, gamers who started gaming this gen, that is.

ChickeyCantor2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

So when they did cater to the core-audience, they were doomed kiddy. Now they made a change it's; casual?

LOL Nintendo will always get a label just for the sake of it. People need to get their head out of their ass and just consider the games they make. No way in hell are they bad games.

Not your cup of tea? Fair enough, but try before you judge anything.

"I grew up with the original Nintendo, and even I can admit that Nintendo has changed. "

With the nes and snes they were pretty casual as well. They had the same balance as they had with the Wii.The difference was that third-party support was just far better than it is now. The fact they were always promoting their system with the image of a family playing on their console.

NES was a platform for casual games .

Yes they have changed in some ways. But they are actually still doing what they have always been doing when it comes to games.

Let's not forget the label "kiddy" they got over almost every generation.

mr_badhand2390d ago

Well Nintendo the cash wave was friendly at first but casuals are just that...casual. They all moved on to other casual friendly endeavors.

neutralgamer192390d ago

More power to Nintendo and a great thing for me if they now turn their focus to the core community. I mean the wii just totally turned me off to buying anything Nintendo, but maybe just maybe if the Wii u is powerful enough and caters to the core i can get my Nintendo on again.

SKUD2390d ago

No regrets skipping the wii this generation. I'm curious however with those tablet controllers if the wii U (desperately needs a name change) will truly be the successor to the gamecube. M rated titles are gonna be key factors.

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