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Nintendo Admit That Casual Focus Cost Company

GamingLives writes "In a surprising speech to investors, Nintendo President, Satoru Iwata, admitted that the company’s focus on reaching new consumers and the family friendly market may well have placed Nintendo in the more precarious position in which it now finds itself. As we reported a few days ago, Nintendo recently posted a financial loss for the first time since it gave up on cards and concentrated on console gaming, and it would seem that the company have taken a long, hard look at why that might be." (Industry, Nintendo, Wii, Wii U)

mochachino  +   870d ago
It will be interesting to see which market Nintendo focuses on with the Wii U (casual, core or hardcore) and whether or not 3rd parties support it.
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HarryMasonHerpderp  +   870d ago
I don't see why a console cant do all of those markets.seems to of been one or the other this gen.Although in the Xbox 360s case it changed from hardcore to more casual console like the wii these days in my opinion.
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Gaming101  +   870d ago
Microsoft already grabbed up a lot of the hardcore audience, and they saw how much money Nintendo was making with people who never even considered buying a videogame ever, and they wanted a piece of the pie so they made the kinect and started selling to Nintendo's audience.
Akuma-  +   870d ago
All someone has to do is look at the hardware of the wii u and the controllers to see where Nintendo is going with its new console. A controller with a touch screen and inaccurate wiimotes again.

Ask the rabbit, he knows. Tricks are for kids. Don't be tricked

Remember the boy who cried wolf and how he stole red riding hoods cold porridge
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Lucretia  +   870d ago
yeah the wii-u just looks gimmicky and just what the wii shuda been in the first place.

but we will see if thats confirmed coming this e3, tho with a few months from release i dont think its gonna be much different
mike1up  +   870d ago
*cough* show and not say *cough*

"All someone has to do is look at the WiiU and controller to see where Nintendo is going with its new console"

Gee I never realized that the WiiU had a built in Crystal Ball that lets us see into the future.

Actually Akuma-, all somone has to do is LISTEN to what Nintendo has been saying since the WiiU was announced. They have done nothing but say that their focus is for hardcore.

Put your Crystal Ball down, and start reading some of the articles for a change.
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PopRocks359  +   870d ago

You act as if Nintendo has never catered to core audiences before. *cough*N64andGamecube*cough*

Gimmicky or not, some of the features on the controller are pretty neat for gaming in general. There's a headphone jack in the controller, it has a camera, a gyroscope and a touch screen. These tools can be used to make games (I have shooters specifically in mind) more interesting.

These same inputs were used with games like Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS and in my opinion made them all the better.

So let's actually give it a chance instead of being ignorant, eh?
yabhero  +   870d ago
Ignore Akuma, he's just upset he can't use the same controllers as 10 years ago...
When we talk core gamers we mean people who loves hard games, fun games... people who are devoted to games. Not graphics or companies...
When you say CORE you mean CallofDuty Obsessed Rabid Enthusiastics
Burning_Finger  +   870d ago
Too late for Nintendo. Their company will always be seen as a casual company to gamer's eyes.
Kos-Mos  +   870d ago
Well, some of us have known Nintendo since NES days, so your statement is not correct, hence I corrected it.
Krew_92  +   870d ago
I grew up with the original Nintendo, and even I can admit that Nintendo has changed.

I'm not saying it changed for the better, or the worse. Nintendo just changed.
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scotchmouth  +   870d ago
I agree with krew. Nintendo has changed. Whether that's for better or worse is some what subjective.

Kosmos... I think burning's post makes an interesting point. There are plenty of gamers not old enough to remember the nes glory days. All they really have to go off of is the last outting. I think that perspective is more common than you would think.
tigertron  +   870d ago
I've known Ninty since the SNES and I think Nintendo has focused solely on the casual market.

I've played on the Wii but I never bought one because only 2-3 games appealed to me and in my book, thats dissapointing and a clear sign that Nintendo has ceased to gain my interest in favour of casuals.

I'm not saying the Wii doesn't have any hardcore games, but if we're honest it doesn't have many.
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PygmelionHunter  +   870d ago
You got it, gamers who started gaming this gen, that is.
ChickeyCantor  +   869d ago
So when they did cater to the core-audience, they were doomed kiddy. Now they made a change it's; casual?

LOL Nintendo will always get a label just for the sake of it. People need to get their head out of their ass and just consider the games they make. No way in hell are they bad games.

Not your cup of tea? Fair enough, but try before you judge anything.

"I grew up with the original Nintendo, and even I can admit that Nintendo has changed. "

With the nes and snes they were pretty casual as well. They had the same balance as they had with the Wii.The difference was that third-party support was just far better than it is now. The fact they were always promoting their system with the image of a family playing on their console.

NES was a platform for casual games .

Yes they have changed in some ways. But they are actually still doing what they have always been doing when it comes to games.

Let's not forget the label "kiddy" they got over almost every generation.
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mr_badhand  +   870d ago
Well Nintendo the cash wave was friendly at first but casuals are just that...casual. They all moved on to other casual friendly endeavors.
neutralgamer19  +   870d ago
More power to Nintendo and a great thing for me if they now turn their focus to the core community. I mean the wii just totally turned me off to buying anything Nintendo, but maybe just maybe if the Wii u is powerful enough and caters to the core i can get my Nintendo on again.
SKUD  +   870d ago
No regrets skipping the wii this generation. I'm curious however with those tablet controllers if the wii U (desperately needs a name change) will truly be the successor to the gamecube. M rated titles are gonna be key factors.
stuntman_mike  +   870d ago
I think the dollar signs in nintendo's eyes got in the way of game making.
Lucretia  +   870d ago
aswell as the nintendo fanboys. Every rational person tried telling them that the casual focus has sucked for everyone, that the fad is dying and nintendo cant keep it up. they cried "no" but even nintendo comes out and says it, they would probably smack Miyamoto and say "no" to even him
mike1up  +   870d ago
Lol@ every rational person tried to telling them...

The Playstation Move and Kinect say hi!

Miyamoto has plenty of credibility, so I don't think he'll be receiving any smacks any time soon.
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PopRocks359  +   870d ago

And to every core Xbox gamer that bought a Kinect...?
Lucretia  +   870d ago
To Poprocks Yes them aswell lol.

to Mr_mike.

YEs to Move and kinect aswell. thankfully the move isnt supported so much or we would be screwed.
PopRocks359  +   870d ago
So basically you're attacking anyone with different opinion from yours or perhaps anyone who opted to try out any of the motion control options?

Perhaps I'm naive, but isn't that being an opinion nazi?
tigertron  +   870d ago
@ mr_mike

You've missed the point completely. Move and Kinect are optional. I have 2 Move compatible games. The rest of my games I use a conventional controller.
Hicken  +   870d ago
I'm glad to hear them acknowledge it, and I hope Microsoft is paying close attention, because they're next if they keep their current heading.
jacksheen0000  +   870d ago

The only reason why Nintendo went for the casual market in the first place was because Nintendo knew they lack the core experience to make core games, and still do. Remember, Nintendo back in the nes days, only worked with sprites graphics which worked well for Nintendo. But now, Nintendo is struggling to keep up with the big dogs(Microsoft/Sony).
So, I doubt that Nintendo can provide us all lots of exclusives when the Wii U comes out because Nintendo doesn't have the manpower or enough resources to even make lots core games in the first place.

Truth is, Nintendo had a difficult time cracking out games for the 3ds

,so will the Wii U.
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TenkoTAiLS  +   869d ago
That's just not true at all. Nintendo helped BUILD the gaming empire. All their machines were for the core market up until the Wii (the Gamecube is debatable, it did have some damn good games). In the NES days EVERYONE was working with sprite graphics on game consoles, their MODE 7 chipset on the SNES was the bomnb, and they moved up to polygonal 3D in the same generation as everyone else did. Also if it wasn't for Nintendo turning Sony down on a joint games machine, Sony's gaming division and the Playstation as we know it currently wouldn't even exist today.

The reason Nintendo didn't come out of the gate with it's exclusive first party games on 3DS was because of their promise to 3rd parties that they wouldn't hog the limelight. But it backfired when a lot of the 3rd party launch games got delayed, hence the lack of games during the launch window.

And as for struggling, its been shown time and again that compared to Microsoft and Sony's gaming divisions (the portion of the larger company that handles their consoles etc) to Nintendo (who is a WHOLE company dedicated to gaming only), that Nintendo has more money in the bank and invested than both of them. Last reported to have over $10.5 billion US in the bank, they could take a $257 million US loss every year till 2052 and still be considered safe. They are not struggling and nor are they going anywhere.

That's why you are getting disagrees my misinformed friend. It's all well and good having an opinion or favourite studios etc. But don't go around spreading those kind of statements if you don't know the whole story :)
jacksheen0000  +   869d ago
First off, let me say this, Nintendo can only do what Nintendo can do! That said, if you notice lately Nintendo pass on some of there major IPS to more experienced developers, especially now that Nintendo decided to enter core gaming market. Fact is,Metroid prime was the work of Retro, other M was the work of team Ninja, the Zelda demo was probably the work of Retro. Now don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo but I haven't seen anything coming them that makes me believe they are serious about the core market. Though they only have Retro which is not going to win the heart of all gamers until Nintendo decide to spend some real money and buy new Devs.
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TenkoTAiLS  +   869d ago
Again you are playing down Nintendo by not weighing all the facts. Sony and Nintendo have roughly the same amount of well recieved 1st party developers in charge of big game series. It isn't just Retro, they have HAL (Smash Bro's, Kirby, Earthbound etc), Monolith (Xenosaga, Baiten Kaitos), Intelligent Systems (Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, Paper Mario), Game Freak (Pokemon) and that's not including the multiple Nintendo divisions that themselves make games like Mario and Zelda etc.

Sony has Naughty Dog (Uncharted), Suckerpunch (Sly Racoon, Infamous), Media Molecule (Little Big Planet), Guerrilla Games (Killzone), Polyphony Digital (Gran Turismo), and their own internal divisions just like Nintendo that make stuff like God of War, Mod Nation etc.

Microsoft have Rare (Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark), 343 Industries (Halo), Turn 10 (Forza), Lion Head (Fable), Twisted Pixel (Splosion Man), and their own internal studios which generally help third and first parties with their games and have none of their own under their belt.

If you don't count third parties then Nintendo and Sony are pretty even with number of studios and quality hit game series developed by them. Followed by Microsoft largely due to the fact their internal divisions don't make games, unlike Sony and Nintendo.

That's why third party support can make or break a system, because internally all current console developers have a rather even amount of game development teams with equally successful first party game series. So again, Nintendo has plenty of quality dev's only working for them, and has the same third party pool of developers to choose from as the other two console makers provided their console satisfies what the third party needs and they can see sales there. Give the Nintendo doomsday attitude a rest, they will be fine. Just sit back and enjoy great games from Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft. Things will only get better from all three as our tech increases :D
Drainage  +   870d ago
and naming a console Wii U is gonna help? Most people will still have the same image of the WII aka 'not a game system for them" .

Wii U "successor to the console that was'not a game system for them'"
Shnazzyone  +   870d ago
I really expect a steam related announcement at nintendo's E3 conference. Valve seems to be losing interest in Microsoft, the Sony partnership was a flash in the pan. Meanwhile wii U can do the new quake engine. I'd imagine if we see a steambox, it's gonna be the wii U.
bahabeast  +   869d ago
sony balances everything pretty good 2 me. a little of everything and 2012-2013 will be great years for us ps3 owners.

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