Steam adds remote download functionality, Steam Wallet Vouchers hinted at

XMNR: Valve continues to add new and useful ways to get PC gamers to spend their money on Steam. The latest is a new update released on Wednesday that adds remote management of your Steam account that allows you to make purchases and download games while away from your gaming PC. There is evidence of other upcoming features as well such as Steam Wallet Vouchers.

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Letros2357d ago

Steam keeps adding small features that really puts them ahead of any competition.

GamingPerson2356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Best gaming service on the planet, they are not on the stock market and it's free!
If there was a president of gaming I would vote for Gabe.

GamerSciz2356d ago

There is a catch to it being free. You can't add friends if you download only F2P games. You must purchase a game, even just a crappy $5 game. But you must purchase a game nonetheless. I have been using STEAM for years and welcome the new changes. I like the pre-loading and the new mobile app for iphone and androids. They are way ahead of digital download competition.(i.e. Origin)

Moncole2356d ago

Why would you download Steam if your not going to buy games? All the F2P games on it you can download from their sites except TF2.

Tachyon_Nova2356d ago

Speak for yourself, I can't stand steam. The amount of times it has decided to redownload a game randomly on me over the years and consistently slow download speeds compared to origin are too frustrating for me.

Redempteur2356d ago

cool ideas..i wish i could remote purchases on my PS3 too

GamingPerson2356d ago

It will work with the steam mobile app to!