The Unfinished Swan Preview [Game Revolution]

GR: I would gladly take like... a million more Journeys. Give me more games where the depth of the experience completely blows away any issues I had with the brevity. That's probably why Sony has decided to pick up The Unfinished Swan for release via the PSN.

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Sev2419d ago

Do want! I love PSN for this type of product.

dbjj120882419d ago

You can only really find this stuff on PSN.

insertcoin2419d ago

It's De Blob meets Jackson Pollock.

D3stinySm4sher2419d ago

Very interested in this. People really need to realize that you NEED a gun, or a gun that fires BULLETS, to make the FPS genre fun.

stormeagle62419d ago

Hoping it gets "finished" soon!

Oy, that felt terrible.

Oaklnd2419d ago

I really like what it looks like. Im curious to see how it plays