Fireburst Review | Great Balls Of Fun (Dealspwn)

Dealspwn has posted a review of indiePub's arcade style combat racing game Fireburst, recently released for PC (Steam).

From the review:

"Videogames teach us that things are generally better when they're on fire.

A sword, for example, is a tad mundane. But a flaming sword? That's not getting junked any time soon. A zombie is just a shambling inconvenience to be summarily executed... but when wreathed in flames, they definitely deserve a screenshot. Plus, plain old regular hell pales in comparison to Diablo's Burning Hells. Though this logic should never be applied to real life (unless you're a pyrotechnician, stunt artist or are really bored), it stands to reason that adding copious amounts of fire to an arcade racing game should result in a superior experience.

And it does, unsurprisingly. Fireburst has been in development for several years now, and thanks to IndiePub, this flame-gouting arcade racer has finally hit the PC on its way to consoles."

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