Top Ten FPS Series We Want Back

Dealspwn: "We came to the conclusion in the latest episode of the PWNCAST that there really aren't too many shooters at all these days. Far from it. But that perhaps the genre hasn't advanced very much in the last few years. Stagnation is always a worry and, although we've seen some attempting to fly the flag for new experiences (DX:HR, Metro 2033, Bioshock to name a few), there are precious few FPS titles out there that really stand out. Something that discussed in an opinion piece earlier today.

The annals of the past, however, are rife with curious titles, when the FPS was a pioneering genre rather than a symbol of our industry treading water, when games weren't automatically compared with Call of Duty. With this in mind, this Tuesday we take a look back at some FPS franchises we'd really like to see make a comeback.

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barb_wire2388d ago

Would mind another 'No One Lives Forever' the first 2, especially the 2nd one were really good FPS' back in the day.

NukaCola2388d ago


Jedi Knight IV


WeskerChildReborned2388d ago

Hell yea Timesplitters should totally come back.

ChocolateGiddyUp2388d ago

I need some more Turok Dinosaur Hunter...

ShabbaRanks2388d ago



Dam I loved those games. Good times :P

BraveToaster2387d ago

Oh man I would love another Soldier of Fortune. Those games were so gruesome. In what other game can you shoot a guy in the gut with a shotgun and watch him try to keep hit intestines from spilling onto the floor?