Tsuyokiss 3rd Term Portable gives smutty freebies to players

Xbigy Games: Love sim Tsuyokiss 3rd Term Portable has been given some interesting freebies to those who purchase the game through various different retailers.

Players who purchase the game will receive one of the images below based upon where they have shopped.

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Regent_of_the_Mask2391d ago

Looks like I'll be buying 15 copies.

RockmanII72391d ago

What is this I don't even

ChrisW2391d ago

Meh... decent artwork, but it's a typical H-anime romance sim. These type of games haven't evolved since PS1.

Hicken2391d ago

Was gonna call you out for likely not even knowing the genre, but that took too much work. It's pretty clear, as it is, that you don't.

ChrisW2390d ago

Well... okay... it's a visual novel game. And I guess it shouldn't be confused with "dating sims"... So what?!? All of those genres really haven't evolved much since PS1 days.

They continue to use still frame, minimally animated pop-up characters for dialogue, and there's choose-your-own-adventure style choices.

I've seen a couple of the episodes from Tsuyokiss 1Gakkyu. It's decent. But the games aren

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