Call Of Duty 4 hits a million in the UK

Activision has told MCV that its triple-A shooter has sold over a million in just eight weeks

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Bebedora3483d ago (Edited 3483d ago )

Just in the UK. I guess that means 360+PS3+PC of course. Still, they will go in the green with this one in world-wide sales.

Afterburn3483d ago

Cool, if the servers could handle over 45 people online at a time we'd have a game.

Gaara_7243483d ago

only ps3?
only xbox 360?
only pc?
all of them?
i mean they could ave made it more clearer

mintaro3483d ago

i think it's total sales, for every platform

LSDARBY3483d ago

Thats immense, thats got to be a record????

ravinash3483d ago

Great, about time a great game got the sales it deserved....unlike assassins creep which was a good game, but not worthy of the sales it got.