Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 Coming To PS Vita

Atlus has just announced that they will be bringing an updated version of Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 to the Playstation Vita (PS Vita) called Persona 4 Golden.

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theusedfake2365d ago

Now I finally get to play it!

Tuxmask552365d ago

You could have played it on a PS2 three or four years ago.

smashcrashbash2365d ago

Yeah, too bad a PS2 isn't portable. I guess some people just don't get it I suppose.You could have played Zelda OOT on an N64 years ago but that never seems to come up much.

Wolfbiker2365d ago

maybe he missed it?
I did come out after the PS3.

theusedfake2364d ago

No way, this game came out a couple years ago? I had no idea /s

seriously though I'm well aware of the original release date thanks, and I didn't play it because I had only recently gotten into the series.

MasterCornholio2364d ago

Well there's plenty of people who never played it for various reasons. My reason is that when I owned a PS2 I never heard of the franchise before now that I know about it I can buy the enhanced Vita.

Just because the game was released a while ago on the PE2 doesn't make it a bad game to play. And if it does than the 3DS version of Orcania of Time is a terrible game to play.


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remanutd552365d ago

nice , more games , when is Warrior's Lair coming out ?

KozmoOchez2365d ago

Another Vita RPG to suck hours our of my life...

catfrog2365d ago

ive never played it before, glad that its coming to vita

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