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At an upscale hotel on Sunset Blvd, two unassuming devs started their demo of The Unfinished Swan, a game designed from the ground up to take advantage of the artistic ground-breaking thatgamecompany has done with titles like Flower and Journey via the PSN.

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Sev2392d ago

This game looks amazing. Love this artistic style.

GribbleGrunger2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

this came from nowhere for me. Sony have a three game deal with the company, so perhaps we have another 'thatgamecompany' on our hands. the devs say that it's only black and white for the first 15 minutes or so and then it changes up into something pretty bizarre... plus it's MOVE compatible

Now ADVERTISE Sony!! For the love of GOD!

insertcoin2392d ago

Surprised it took this long. There's a trailer for the game in 2008.

dbjj120882392d ago

I love PSN for this kind of stuff.