Black Ops 2 zombies: Treyarch promises total "blow out"

OXM: Black Ops 2's expanded living dead mode is Treyarch's "most ambitious zombies effort ever".

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sabu082414d ago

treyarch/activision have never actually revealed anything about zombies in black ops 2 , not even that zombies is in the game but anyway they should make a seperate game for zombies with a campaign , 8 players , and the ability to create custom maps with an editor

WeskerChildReborned2414d ago

Actually in a interview with the studio head, It was confirmed that Zombies will be making a return.

antz11042414d ago

I found the zombie portion to be fun in small doses.

Bring back Dead Ops Arcade!!

an0nym0us2414d ago

Zombies are only fun, when you can hold them hostage like in Resident evil, and use them as huma... zombie shields.

Trenta272414d ago

Why don't they just make a zombie game? They have shown that they can do it!

Play2Win2414d ago

I took me a lot of years but now I can proudly say that I give a sh!t on all upcoming CoD titles in the future.

gtxgamer22414d ago

All that im looking forward too is the new guns with zombies

WeskerChildReborned2414d ago

Would be cool if they actually allowed killstreaks and stuff on certain maps that are opened.

AusRogo2414d ago (Edited 2414d ago )

Just give us a real story campaign or something! Or different zombie modes. I dont know, something! Those Easter eggs in blops zombies were a pain in the ass to do just to learn the story.. Please Treyarch, blow my mind!

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The story is too old to be commented.