Samsung Patents A Nintendo DS-Like Phone writes: "Samsung has patented a design for an Android phone or tablet, that looks suspiciously similar to the Nintendo DS. The patent shows a hinged folding screen design, with a wider than usual stylus, perhaps to make it more sturdy, and therefore less likely to break or be lost."

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raytraceme2420d ago

yes ds like because there are a lot of buttons on the phone right?

waltyftm2420d ago

No, it's gonna be touch screen, it's the new new.

Skateboard2420d ago

Everybody is ripping off Nintendo, WAHHHHHHHHH.

Arnon2420d ago

Doubt it. Unless Nintendo has a patent to have two screens on one device, which I doubt.

synchroscheme2420d ago

Agreed, it just seems to be the hip thing to do these days.

Burning_Finger2420d ago

Lmao. Koreans are worst than Chinese sometimes when it comes to knock off. They have no originality what so ever. I think they would be copying Sony this time with their Sony tablet S2.

lsujester2420d ago

Looks more like the Courier concept that Microsoft had.

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