Black Ops 2 multiplayer: how 2025's tech frees Treyarch from Call of Duty traditions

OXM: "The most advanced technology, the most interesting gameplay."

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detroitmademe2390d ago

this could be the 1st COD ive ever owned,i wanna hear more about the mp gameplay though.

MiamiACR212390d ago

Please tell me you've at least played Call of duty 1, it's expansion, and call of duty 2 through 4.

papashango2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

I actually remember how articles read pre battlefield 2142. A lot like this. However in the end future tech and modern tech have its own group of fans. It will not be as successful as the last few titles.

Now the time starts ticking before the the casual fps craze starts to die and Valve redefines the fps genre with HL3. I've been waiting patiently for years dabbling in some cod4 and battlefield 3 along the way but they aren't "It".

GraveLord2389d ago

Why should he? Playing those games now would be a pain for someone who is used to HD.

MiamiACR212389d ago

Gravelord, I played them all on the PC, and that has been in "HD" before the term "HD" was ever coined. I hear they were recently released for the Xbox and PS3, but if he wants to replay them on the PC, it's not going to take a top of the line computer to do it these days. They're fantastic, and they're not an 8bit side shooter from 1993 so graphics aren't going to be a problem.

BiggCMan2390d ago

All I ask for is that the game doesn't stick to strictly bullets and frag grenades. I want stuff that feels like it's from the future, stuff that we don't have on this planet yet. I don't want another standard military game, and I certainly don't want it to pretend to be futuristic like the horrible new Ghost Recon game. If that passes for futuristic, they must have never played TimeSplitters. I want that in this game, lasers and $h!t!

MiamiACR212390d ago

Lasers are lasers, but when it comes down to it in regards to video games and FPS in general, they're still bullets. You've got me thinking with the whole "Stuff that we don't have on this planet yet" line; it'll take a great man to innovate in that respect.

fatboyfsx2390d ago

The game is only 13 years in the future. In all honesty, what type of "future tech" are you expecting, Phazer guns and teleporting?

BiggCMan2390d ago

Well considering lasers are a real world object, I see no reason to think it cannot be weaponized in the near future. Perhaps not to the complexity of a game like TimeSplitters or Halo, but I still see it happening. And adding it to Black Ops 2 is certainly not far fetched at all.

XboxInnovation2390d ago

No, the game will still have perks, custom killstreaks, XP and prestiging like every other game. Until CoD changes all of those things, it will not be fresh. A new Setting only changes what the eye sees, not what the brain uses.

ElementX2390d ago

I like the idea of perks, killsteaks, XP and prestige. It adds variety and challenge to the gameplay. MW3 is the first game I've played with those features and I don't think I could ever go back to just running and gunning. It completely changes the strategies and adds a layer of depth.

jukins2390d ago

not gonna lie after avoiding call of duty after it became "copy and paste" of duty for the past 3 years im actually interested in this one at least from what the trailer showed

synchroscheme2390d ago

And yet 2012 tech doesn't free them to upgrade their engine.

FalconR2892389d ago

I want a plasma rifle in 40watt range in this game.