Sony's PlayStation Access offering two free minis, now

To celebrate its rapidly rising user numbers, Sony's PS Access Facebook page is offering two free PSN Minis titles, Jewel Keepers: Easter Island and Urbanix for free.

Just go to the Access Facebook page, Like it, get the voucher and away you go to PSN to download them.

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Great move from them. Sadly I totally missed the Arctic Adventures: Polar's Puzzles in Christmas 2010 for just liking Sony official page. :(


Sadly it DOESN'T WORK on PS Vita, they are not compatible with it.

psp2roundup1819d ago

Wrong, they work fine on Vita. It might say in the text description "PSP only" but I've got them running on mine happily.

GamerToons1819d ago

Looks like UK only. That's why my code didn't work.

pixelsword1819d ago

Getting a free mimi game is like getting a free flash game online... :D

chazjamie1818d ago

the games are lame. you wouldnt want to play this on your vita anyway.

Soldierone1818d ago

In the contest description it says Vita, just not on the Mini description. It should work fine.

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t0mmyb0y1819d ago

Is it the same code they give everyone? I don't have facebook.

Godchild10201819d ago

If you have an EU account I can give you my code. I don't have a EU account so the code is useless to me. PM me if you want it.

t0mmyb0y1819d ago

Thanks man. Bubbles4LIFE

CaptainSheep1819d ago

Awesome. Just got mine. :D

an0nym0us1819d ago

it didn't work for me, so i call scam...

Hellsvacancy1818d ago

It didnt work when i used Firefox, Chrome worked fine

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The story is too old to be commented.