Black Ops 2 Trailer Secrets – 29 Things You Missed

The Black Ops 2 trailer is here, and nowgamer goes through it frame by frame and digs up some interesting finds that hint at the plot, gameplay and multiplayer.

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skyward2418d ago

SAS ftw! Not sure about the mech stuff, but the game looks cool.

ATi_Elite2418d ago

Holy Crap!!! I so want this!!!

Call of Duty......Just when I thought I was out, they pull me right back in!!!!

Nelson M2418d ago

Nah !
Just read your list and i did'nt miss a thing

xAlmostPro2418d ago

Have to agree with @Nelson

There wasn't much in the list that was missed.

One thing i noticed was how yet again a COD trailer has ships exploding, and an inside helicopter shot with the sas gas mask guy. Aka it's yet another rehash.

Anyways, for people that enjoy the franchise i'm sure they'll appreciated the list :)

LAWSON722418d ago

I see what you did there
Also that article was pointless, because anyone with eyes seen all of the crap

ACBAA2418d ago

sounds very promising

not really sure about the massively customisable weapons tho

TekoIie2418d ago

Treyarch have been talking about removing the emphasis on perks and give a bigger focus on weapons to create a better competitive environment so its likely to be the case.

sprinterboy2418d ago

Agree with nelson, people are blind and should never watch another trailer ever lol, I missed 1.

WeskerChildReborned2418d ago

Hmm if it's true that this one will have alot of customization, i might be looking into this.

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