Tekken 2, still worth a shot?

A short feature I did on Tekken 2 to see if it's still worth a play compared to more modern fighters.

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Sizzon2416d ago

Nah, as he said in the article, it was fun and great back in the day but compared to Tekken 3, it feels slow and clunky. Tekken 3 is still awesome, fast and smooth.

Edito2416d ago

It's worth just for the sake of Nostalgia...

vortis2414d ago

and Kazuya's purple suit with that awesome music in the dark high-rise building. Seriously, that was one of the most compelling video game, story-oriented boss fights ever.

JTX1232414d ago

it's worth it if you have the skill or are looking to build up your tekken skill

Skateboard2414d ago

The soundtrack is phenomenal.

Acquiescence2413d ago

'The Headshaker' in particular, which is Yoshimitsu's theme, really has stood the test of time.

Gets the blood pumping!

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