PS Vita Game of the Month: April 2012 ( selects its standout PlayStation Vita title from April's software line-up.

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GuruStarr782416d ago

Lmao.... there was only one game released all April for Vita!

And no, minis don't count..


SOD_Delta2416d ago

LOL really? that indeed is lame. I'm waiting from Gravity Rush, I can't wait to play that. I hope Sony Shows a lot of Vita games at E3. If not I'll be sad.

Sithlord-Gamble2416d ago

I agree. Im hoping E3 is a good time to be a Vita owner.

remanutd552416d ago

i havent picked up Disgaea 3 yet and i dont think i ever will but i will be picking up Resistance in a couple of weeks , sony needs to announce Little Big Planet release date already

2416d ago