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New Lost Planet PS3 ScreenShots

Today Capcom released some new Screenshots for Lost Planet on the Playstation 3 hope you enjoy them they are amazing (Lost Planet Colonies, PS3)

Cartesian3D  +   2605d ago
MODS ? or those characters are official rofl !

anyway so many many Games in 2008 ..
KidMakeshift  +   2604d ago
They're in the game as a bonus.
The PC version has some too
niall77  +   2605d ago
the graphics look better then the first screen shots...
...... but I wanted a Dead rising port, dang capcom
KidMakeshift  +   2604d ago
Better yet
Dead Rising 2 (but how would that work?)
aggh im on fire  +   2605d ago
I quite liked it when i played it on the 360 but wouldn't it have been better for Capcom to release a sequel for the Ps3?
wil4hire  +   2605d ago
lol WHY the hell is Capcom wasting their time on this? No one bought it for the 360.
No one sure as hell is going to buy it for the ps3. It looks like dog balls compared to UT3/Uncharted/Anything on the ps3.

What a waste of time, send those devs to work on Resident Evil or Street Fighter.
KidMakeshift  +   2604d ago
It did well actually. It's crazy that it cost $40 million ($20 make game/$20 advertising)
Relcom  +   2604d ago
Hey don't say anything on the PS3
You ever played Gundam? Wow that game is just the definition of how to make a awful game.
candystop  +   2604d ago
This game sold 1 million on day one for 360! Not sure if it will sell well on PS3 but the game had very nice visuals at the time! Hopefully it PS3 owners pick it up because if not I doubt you guys will be seeing any sequels 1st or at the same time as 360!
The_Engineer  +   2604d ago
I agree
this game is a TOTAL turd, complete waste of time, it should stay on the 360 because it just looks amateur compared to games like Resistance 2,Killzone 2, Gran Turismo,MGS:4,Little Big Planet,R&C FTOD,Uncharted,Heavenly Sword,The Getaway, etc. etc.

THOSE are PS3 games, not low res low poly crap like this made to run on the 360 hardware. I suggest all PS3 owners completely ignore this abomination when it comes out. Let capcom know they better get up to speed or get left behind with MS and their underpowered 360.
neogeo  +   2604d ago
"lol WHY the hell is Capcom wasting their time on this? No one bought it for the 360."
it sold over 1 million.
but im still not sold on this game
TheHater  +   2604d ago
This game is crap, and it should stay on the Xbox360. Where the hell is my Monster Hunter Capcom? I WANT MY MONSTER HUNTER
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2604d ago
The multi-player was ohkay...

...however...we all want Dead Rising!!!
GutZ31  +   2604d ago
The voice acting on this game sucks worse then a pool pump.
joemomma  +   2604d ago
Looks good.
Much better then the 360 screens did. Many people will enjoy playing this game.
Laexerias  +   2604d ago
wait wait... wa... !?!?! MEGAMA--- WHAT?? He looks lame. :Q
Nya the online Mode is hot.
Gaara_724  +   2604d ago
well i will buy it
as i played it at my m8s before his 360 RROD on him and quite enjoyed it actualy
Bathyj  +   2604d ago
I've a feeling this game might be ok, but it is still gonna flop. PS3 owners dont want recycled trash from other consoles.

Why no just make LP2 capcom. When this bombs you'll see I was right.
Guwapo77  +   2604d ago
Well...I've always been a Mech fan so I'm going to pick this one up along with Assassins Creed. I finally got around to renting this game and I'm pleasantly surprised. I know its going to be repetitive as hell...but it's a quality game. Anywho...I hope they improve this game even more.
NeonSkull  +   2604d ago
i dont care if its crap, i just like that the ps3 is getting some of the 360 exclusives.

Dead Rising next
UltramanJ  +   2604d ago
Looks good
I couldn't resist. I broke down and picked Lost Planet up for $23 and am happy I did. I wasn't overly crazy about all the mech and snow pirate crap, but it's still a pretty damn good game.
moujahed  +   2604d ago
I dunno
Dead Rising was alright, but I rather have a Lost Planet port than that... Lost Planet seems more exciting
HardcoreGamer  +   2604d ago
load of bad quality game porting, this is like XBOX 1 VISUALS
alexnestian  +   2604d ago
i really like the game story ..especially the ending cutscene ..
HardcoreGamer  +   2604d ago
ITS either crap port, or the games images here are not doing the game justice?
ROCCOZILLA  +   2604d ago
the ps3 makes everthing look better,games,movies and video downloads.PLAY B3YOND!
Cusco  +   2604d ago
The visuals are awful. X360 version did look better, no chance this is even coming near my PS3. Capcom should make a new Lost Planet for PS3 that doesn't suck and on which they don't have to spend 20 million dollars for advertising.
ElfShotTheFood  +   2604d ago
Enjoy your sloppy thirds, PS3 fans.

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