Linux Gaming, PS Orbis and Valve: It's All Linked

Ryan Peter explores the link between Sony's move to AMD and OpenGL with the new PlayStation Orbis, Valve's recent hardware explorations, and how gaming on Linux may be a closer reality than we think.

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forcefullpower2417d ago

I have been hoping that one day I could fully move over to linux as a gaming platform. I wouldnt have to have an OS so bloated that it takes nearly 1gb of memory to run. Gaming is the only thing stopping me moving over.

GamingPerson2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

I hope this will happen! On Linux Valve can do anything they want! I am sure Valve doesn't like the the fact that M$ will have a store on the desktop with xbox live for pc.

JOHN_DOH2417d ago

This would be bad news for ms.

chasegarcia2417d ago (Edited 2417d ago )

use both. personal computers are not locked down.

BitbyDeath2417d ago

That would be one hell of a move if true.
They also forgot to mention the meeting Apple had with Valve which means they may also be in on it.

dorron2417d ago

If someone brought mainstream games to Linux, I'm confident it would see a huge raise in popularity...not inmediately but in about 5-10 years.