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GameFan Magazine:"As big fans of ModNation Racers, we at GameFan, were hoping that a sequel would come and fix some of the minor issues that kept the game from being perfect. Instead of working on a direct follow-up to one of the best Kart racers ever though, developer United Front Games is tackling Little Big Planet Karting."

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newsguy2357d ago

man, sony's stealing everything from nintendo now aren't they?

r212357d ago

wait...nintendo made a kart game with fully customizable characters and tracks which players can make themselves? :O

Vita3DS2357d ago

Man,I so sick of idiots around here whining and complaining about everthing."OMG They stole that from Nintendo!" "PSN Sucks!" "MS has no games!" "Nintendo are for kiddies!" "Vita has no games!" God,can people please just shut the hell up and enjoy what they got? If you don't like something just ignore it,for Christ sake! I think this site has gone to hell by allowing any idiot with a keyboard to post any crap they think is news worthy.
OT:Game looks alright,but I've never been into kart racers.

Mikhail2357d ago

Well said, to think the top poster has so many bubbles and gave only trolling remarks.

SecretPsycho2357d ago

Huuur nintendo invented karting...