Blizzard may have waited past their window for release of Diablo 3….of like a decade

Well many things are being repeated about the newest release in the D3 family…and it aint pretty. Is it after the stunningly massive disappointment on Mass effect 3’s ending, players are just jaded and more cynical in the past few months?

It seems to be much of the same thing- much like the NEW Witchdoctor is just a refurbished Necromancer from D2. Its no surprise its still just a point-and-click gear accumulation through faceless hordes of non descript foe to follow the rather bland story of the proven formula. Can we expect a anything shocking, hair raising, awe-inspiring , or having that WOW factor? Not unless, you count bare-ly WoW type graphics. Yeah in 2005, they were hot and fresh, but now sadly it seems dated compared to today’s games. Blizzard, it’s time to stop pandering to the masses and produce a good looking game.

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rawrockkillz2413d ago

I think Diablo 3 looks gorgeous! Graphics are pretty good and the art style is amazing!