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Submitted by RonaldRaygun 1307d ago | review

MotorStorm RC Review - MediaKick

One could think of few development studios that have been quite as unfortunate as Sony’s Evolution Studios in recent times. The UK-based studio’s last game, MotorStorm Apocalypse was received well critically, but became a victim of the most unfortunate circumstances; its subject matter all to akin to the disaster that had affected Japan around that time, it was affected by numerous delays, purely out of respect, and even a cancellation in Japan. Most would agree then that they deserve a bit of success over there, and with MotorStorm RC for PlayStation 3 and Vita, it certainly seems they have achieved that. (Motorstorm RC, PS Vita, PS3) A-/A+

bubwright  +   1307d ago
for the price you cant go wrong. the most played game i have on the vita. you also get it free on PS3, need more games like this!
badz149  +   1307d ago
it's free on the Vita too
such a great game and pose great challenge!
claterz  +   1307d ago
I actually think this is the best vita game so far lol. And I definitely agree that we need more games like this and around a similar price range too.
pyramid  +   1307d ago
A poor mans motorstorm.Thats all

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