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Sadie21002417d ago

I kinda forgot about Battlefield 2042 until this article brought it up. I wonder if this game will sell better. ;)

SPAM-FRITTER-1232417d ago

course it will.

also if this game just ends up being hacked on day 1 i am gonna pirate every call of duty from there on.

people spend £30-£40 on a game, then some people go and get some hacks made up, then you report the hack on the COD forums, a year later that hack is still there and lack-o-vision expect you to buy the next installment.

this time expect me to steal your game.

deantak2417d ago

dear lord, battlefield 2142 was so boring.

AusRogo2417d ago

Pirating aint cool man, no matter the game.

GraveLord2417d ago

Of course it'll sell better. Will it be a better game though? I think so. Battelfield fans don't think so, obviously.