Treyarch's Mark Lamia explains taking risks with the design of Call of Duty: Black Ops II

GamesBeat's Dean Takahashi visits Treyarch in Santa Monica, Calif. to interview studio chief Mark Lamia about Black Ops II

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Sadie21002389d ago

I dunno...I still don't quite see how they made that jump from Cold War era to this. From this interview, it really sounds like they wanted a future COD and retrofitted it to Black Ops.

Fylus2389d ago

The only reason they kept "Black Ops" in the name is for marketing. Not that they need more of it... But you know Activision:/

NarooN2389d ago

I gotta give Treyarch credit here. Can't speak for the multiplayer yet, but in terms of campaign and all this other stuff, they're at least trying a lot of new stuff instead of just going "Oh, here, copy paste lol plz gimme $60 kthxbai"

killerhog2389d ago

correct me if im wrong, but i dont want to give hits to unwarranted sites. but what "jump" exactly do you and they (treyarch) believe they are doing? its going to have the same engine, perks, killstreaks, and character models except with futuristic looking skins. by the way treyarch is talking, im thinking they are going to use a new engine, character models, perks, killstreak, guns, maps, concept etc. but if anything, its going to be a small cosmetic jump they have been doing since mw1. geez i hope im wrong but now i see all activision has to do is make small changes and people will buy into it.

NarooN2389d ago

My comment was based on the campaign, not the multiplayer, which we currently know nothing about. I don't have high hopes for the MP since the MP has been garbage ever since MW2.

Graphics-wise, also doesn't matter to me since these consoles have 7 year old tech inside of them, so if I want to please my inner graphics whore, I'll just play on my PC, like I already do, lol.

The campaign details that've been released all sound hella interesting. There's fucking metal gears in the game that you can controll ffs. Granted if I do decide to buy this, it won't be at full price, and it'll be on PC. I liked Blops story, what with all the espionage and psychological thriller elements, so I'm remotely interested now.

As for the MP, meh. I already know it's gonna have the typical CoD stuff: Over-generous scrub aim-assist, ridiculous netcode and terrible hitboxes, some overpowered SMG, overpowered perks, overpowered killstreaks, etc. Won't be shocked if it's terrible, but I WILL be shocked if it's decent.

deantak2389d ago

drones, robots, CLAWs, jets, helicopters, sniper rifles that shoot through barriers, Strike Force mode. Branching stories and missions. How exactly is this same old same old?

killerhog2389d ago

Oh you mean what other games already did and I'm sure better? Also most of what you meantion is already in COD games. You guys are really trying to sell this lol.