Is Free to Play the Future of Gaming?

The advantages of the “freemium” model have been clearly demonstrated time and time again, yet some gamers feel slighted by the nickel and diming brought on by the microtransaction model that so many developers have adopted. Is freemium the future of gaming? Or is free to play just a fad that will fizzle out over time?

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MysticStrummer2392d ago

There is no one "Future of Gaming". There will always be games that have monthly fees, and there will always be games that are free to play. A few days ago it was "Are Episodic Games The Future of Gaming?" lol

Fylus2392d ago

Tell that to CCP about DUST 514.

SPAM-FRITTER-1232392d ago

considering nexus games made £714.51 million last year and EA made £191.65 million i would say YES. if nexus do buy out EA then id be expecting a shed load of FTP games coming our way.

BraveToaster2392d ago

I certainly hope not because many free to play games are pay to win.

Main_Street_Saint2392d ago

Actually some of the free games aren't that bad; Super Monday Night Combat's microtransactions are for pretty much cosmetic things; actually playing the game and earning in game currency is the way to buy the important stuff.

BraveToaster2392d ago

I know not all F2P games are pay to win, but a good chunk of them are. If Tribes Ascend wasn't free to play it would probably be one of the best games this year. But instead they decided to make it F2P and let you pay to get the better guns. If you don't want to pay it will take a LONG LONG time just to unlock 1 gun.

Letros2392d ago

Tribes is not pay to win, the option is there is you don't want to play to unlock, but you are never forced to buy anything.

reznik_zerosum2392d ago

dota 2 is best multiplayer that u can play now,and its free,beta is super great and its almost done

Somebody2392d ago

It'll be a part of gaming.

Stop with the ""Is ________ the future of gaming?" type of articles. It's speculative and boring.

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