Call Of Duty: The Only Reason The 360 Still Outsells The PS3?

Call of Duty is huge in the US, and about 70% of franchise fans play their CoD games on the 360. Take CoD away, and maybe the 360 doesn't outsell the PS3 in this country.

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Simon_Brezhnev2392d ago

Could be but idk. I just know 360 crowd like shooters more in general.

xPhearR3dx2392d ago

As does PS3 users. The best selling game on PS3 is Call of Duty. The PS3 has more of a variety in exclusives, but they don't sell like shooters do. If Sony did a list like Microsoft does, you would see mostly the same games besides the exclusives. COD, FIFA, Madden, GT (Forza for 360), probably Skyrim etc. Yearly sports games and shooters rule this gen. Sad really.

cpayne932392d ago

Shooters are the most popular genre period, but which system has a higher percentage of people who perfer other genres?

zeal0us2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Part of that 360 crowd you mention. I prefer RPGs rather shooters. They tend to last longer and more re-playable. Shooters on the other hand can get boring.

Simon_Brezhnev2392d ago

Yeah i know on PS3 shooters are popular. I'm fed up with shooters period. Only shooter i might play is the new Counter Strike. I like RPGs more too.

Intentions2392d ago

It could be. But then again, its not really a great opinion, since CoD is huge on both consoles.

MultiConsoleGamer2392d ago

Its on both systems.


THC CELL2392d ago

call of duty only dose well cause it lacks other games on xbox

ps3 owners have way too many exclusives and games to play..

same with halo or gears.

X_GAMER_X2392d ago

And That is why COD is the most sold Game on PS3 despite all the exclusive games you mentioned? If you combine all the so called exclusive games on PS3 they wont be close to what COD sells...ON PS3 ;)

You fanboys are either blind or dumb.

Soldierone2392d ago

MS treats COD like it's an exclusive. With that comes a crap ton of advertising and getting the game popular. PS3 users realize they can buy it too and be "hip" so it sells the game on both consoles.

The fact is with exclusives, Sony has a budget. That could be 500 million dollars for example. That 500 million dollars has to be divided into publishing and advertising the game, so it shrinks. You have 7 to 10 exclusives it then has to be divided to each game and it shrinks even more. Imagine if ALL 500 million was spent on maybe 3 games at most.....

Kurt Russell2392d ago

Even with a lack of exclusives there are still an arse ton of other multiplats to play outside of COD.

_Aarix_2391d ago

Really cell? Ps3 owners are too busy with their exclusives HAHAHA give me a break. If that was the case then ps3 cheerleaders such as yourself wouldnt be on this sote flaunting your alleged superiority. I have a ps3 and Im finding lack of games that interest me. Last best one was probably rachet and clank and heavy rain. Feel free to have your ps3 troops swoop in and give me a list bigger than schlinders cause itll only benefit me to find decent games for it.

WeskerChildReborned2392d ago

Hasn't 360 been outselling PS3 since before COD became famous?

kent800820072392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Because of the RROD my friend bought 3 360s before finally switching to the PS3, so I guess it makes sense that the 360 has been outselling the PS3, but that's nothing to be proud of

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The story is too old to be commented.