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Resistance 2 / Insomniac's Next Project To Be Revealed Soon

In the latest episode of Insomniac's podcast Full Moon Show, they took a break after the release of R&CF: TOD and said they'll be back Thursday the 17th, because "they'll have some stuff to talk about by then" and "when we come back you'll know what our next project is".
Could this next project be Resistance 2? (PS3, Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction, Resistance 2, Resistance: Fall of Man)
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MK_Red  +   2661d ago
Insomniac had the most impressive graphical jump from original Resistance to Ratchet & Clank TOD. If they can have the same graphical improvement from Ratchet Resistance 2 then it could become a real competition for Killzone 2 and Gran Turismo 5 as the best6 graphics ever.
HarryEtTubMan  +   2661d ago
Totally agree... I think its really going to be impressive looking and running.
SIX  +   2661d ago
Well the rumor
is that it's looking better than what has been shown of Killzone. Just a rumor though. I heard it on some pod cast recently.
Feihc Retsam  +   2661d ago
I heard you will get to shoot up the Vatican in this one
Bebedora  +   2661d ago
Best comment in a good while!!
Polluted  +   2661d ago
@1.3: Ha! That was awesome. Bubbles.
poos3  +   2661d ago
damn since this gen the hyoe for insomniac is so insane even tho al ltheir games have been avrage its liek there the only western devs supporting the ps3 so the ps3 fans hype them beyond belive liek they can ever reach the lvls of bioware/siliconknoghts/ubisoft /capcom/bungie/konami/bethseda/ activision/ nintendo they are just not on th elvl of those devs i just mention and many more sorry its just the truth but they i must say same goes for uncharted .
doublertist  +   2661d ago
obviously you dont know what you are talking about, sure they dont have the resources of those companies you mentioned but their games are incredible and AAA, and you are an idiot with your head up your A** if you cant recognize uncharted as a top level game which is a must buy...as far as graphix and gameplay they are some of the best developers out there, and they have reapeatedly been in the top 10 small companies to work for over recent years, so obviously they are on the same level as those developers...
not to mention the fact that every game they have put out since ps3's launch has been a quality game well worth buying and putting time into. As compared to other companies which put out games for F*** sakes just to get something out for a system.
Darkiewonder  +   2661d ago
oh cool!
Can't wait to hear more about R2! I'm just surprised I finished a game. and not just any game! Resistance!
MK_Red  +   2661d ago
Cool timing :)
I wonder if it will come in form of a GameInformer exclusive preview or they'll show us everything for free.
TriggerHappy  +   2661d ago
Yeah MK, I really wanna believe this but this sounds a bit far fetched but is doable just really FAR-FETCHED .. NO ?

"Originally Posted by giantsquirrel:
Or go read Gameimformer's Feb. Issue...
I'll give you a hint, just "pretend" it might possibly have 60 player mp, 8 player co-op, 2 campaigns...but that's just pretending"
MK_Red  +   2661d ago
Wow, that would be a killer. Can't wait :)
btkadams  +   2661d ago
should be sweet, i hope they have something to show or some features to talk about.
name  +   2661d ago
I hope Resistance makes a Holiday release. I'm seriously in love with fall of man. Plus insomniac has spoiled everyone to the point where we expect a new game from them every year now. :)
Bebedora  +   2661d ago
2 games
Resistance in march, ratchet in november. Resistance 2 in coming march. Ratchet 6 in coming november.
Lucreto  +   2661d ago
I doubt it
It will be Resistance this year and Ratchet next year as usual. But if they did to manage to pull it off they will live up to their name.
mintaro  +   2661d ago
this games gonna be sweet
Meus Renaissance  +   2661d ago
Resistance had the most addictive and intriguing Single Player experience I've ever had with a FPS
lonestarmt  +   2661d ago
totally agree
call of duty 4 was fun, and it does have the best online multiplayer. However nothing beats fall of man single player IMO. Normally I don't even beat the single player on those type of games, but Fall of man got me hooked. I would go far as to say the best single player FPS this gen or the last. Of course thats my opinion.
mighty_douche  +   2661d ago
Cant Wait!!!!
Im really excited to see what they've accomplished with R2. Insomniac seem to be able to work wonders in such short periods of time, and they wont be intimidated by the likes of KillZone 2.

These guys must be one of the best investments Sony ever made!
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Devr  +   2661d ago
Sony doesn't own them, Insomniac Games is a third party. Resistance and Ratchet & Clank however are owned by Sony. If Insomniac wanted to make a new IP for all platforms, they could.
mighty_douche  +   2661d ago
ah, i apologise then. They seem very committed to Sony so i guess i put 2 and 2 together and made 5. Oops, thanks for correcting me!
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darkside  +   2661d ago
it's true that they are 3rd party developer but They are more like 2nd party developer for Sony. like Bungie of M$ now.
Sez  +   2661d ago
as sonyfanboys would say. just another generic FPS. i guess the ps3 is trying to catch up to the 360 in the shooter department. HAZE,ROFM,RFOM2,KZ2,UT3,WARHAR K,MGS4, and multiplats shooter.

MGS4. is a shooter.just like mass effect. maybe the other MGS games are not. but MGS4 is. stop fooling yourself
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lonestarmt  +   2661d ago
sigh metal gear 4 is not a shooter, anyone who says that obviously has never played them.
games4fun  +   2661d ago
people always troll just ignore them and try not to copy their bad habits.
Sez  +   2661d ago
well if i am trolling. then what about these first 14 posters
riqued  +   2661d ago
Kojima is only trying to improve the shooting from previous games to appeal more to some people.

All the videos with shooting you see is from people in conventions that can't play the demo in 10 min only sneaking...
darkside  +   2661d ago
well vega75 is right this time around cause MGS4 will have FPS mode included with the Game. If i Remember so, they say the Mulit-Player game which was going to be another game to be sold. but then they decide to package it together! Which is Great! :)
Firewire  +   2661d ago
Its Resistance 2, this has already been confirmed on NeoGaf by Insomniacs own community rep, J.Stevenson.
TriggerHappy  +   2661d ago
I want to believe but 60 player mp?!?!
Originally Posted by giantsquirrel:
Or go read Gameimformer's Feb. Issue...
I'll give you a hint, just "pretend" it might possibly have 60 player mp, 8 player co-op, 2 campaigns...but that's just pretending.

Devr  +   2661d ago
Ratchet and Clank Future was first shown in EGM. The next issue of Game Informer comes out in 5 days, one day before the Insomniac podcast. Dun dun dunnnn...
Meus Renaissance  +   2661d ago
The only thing that lacked with this game is that it was being compared to Gears, specifically, it lacked the visual edge. If Resistance 2 leaped in the graphics department; then KillZone 2 will have competition for hype.
bootsielon  +   2661d ago
Just for the LOLs, for those that haven't seen it
rofle your waffles

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Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2661d ago
great pic.
i`m using that one.
Anego Montoya FTMFW  +   2661d ago
great pic.
i`m using that one.
pharmd  +   2661d ago
That is hilarious, best posted pic in awhile!!!
kurochi  +   2661d ago
oh hell yeah!!! I'm still trying to digest all the games that I bought during x-mas..... I'm going to be pale as a tall glass of milk after I'm through with all these games at home....
Afterburn  +   2661d ago
the Insomniacs have yet to fail to deliver for the PS3. RFOM was awesome (it has in game xmb friends list btw) a regular friends list, 2 map packs now, squad based or open chat, a create a clan feature, ignore list, mute function.. in short is has all of the features we all ask for in every other game. Not to mention Insomniac has an open forum, downloadable skins (free) and has had at least a half dozen updates to the game based on user feedback.

Check out the Insom website too: an entire section dedicated to helping other developers with Cell coding.

Great guys, lots of PM's with the employee's, they host the Insomniac games every other Friday on RFOM where you get to play with all of the guys too.

Best game support I've ever seen period.
I cannot wait for this game.
THE_JUDGE  +   2661d ago
They had better get to talking about
Resistance soon, I'm starting to get that ol' itch!

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