Has A New PlayStation All-Stars Character Leaked?

IGN: "We've had hands-on with PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale here at IGN, but we're already left wanting more after Sony and developer SuperBot Entertainment only revealed six characters. But if Internet sleuths on gaming forum NeoGAF are correct, a seventh character may have been prematurely revealed."

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smashcrashbash2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

Hmmmm. I was more hoping for the guy from Shadow of the Colossus. Yorda didn't exactly scream warrior like he did. Maybe it's just an environment or something.

@ Relientk77. She wasn't even a fighter. At least Fat Princess has servants and Parapper has Kung-Fu. She was the picture of a helpless, dainty princess. Would anyone even WANT to hit her? I am guessing either ICO stage or Ico as a character

EeJLP-2053d ago

Ellen (and Keats) from Folklore fits perfectly.

Yorda doesn't make much sense at all; smash pretty much nailed it, good points.

Baka-akaB2053d ago

but then again barely anyone knows Folkore . Ico t least had a great press exposure , and a second lease at life via the hd collection

n4gisatroll2053d ago

Ya, but from what I remember...her mother was that black shadow. She probably has powers that releases those shadow monsters.

pixelsword2052d ago



I'm waiting to see if they will add Rohn or not.

Relientk772052d ago

The Folklore characters would be awesome in PS All-Stars

FredEffinChopin2052d ago

Nariko so belongs in there. I know she only had one game that didn't exactly shatter the charts and site ratings, but Heavenly Sword still stands out as one of my favorite PS3 experiences.

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Nimblest-Assassin2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

I want a cross over stage where you are fighting and you see Kronos and colossus fighting it out in the background...

Hell maybe even fighting on one of them

smashcrashbash2053d ago

Even better, Kronos,a Colossus AND the beast duking it out. A three way fight. And when you start the stage you can choose who you fight on top of and that changes the perspective of the background. Match up of the millennium.

Hudahudahuda2052d ago

The problem with that is that the biggest colossus would not reach Cronos's abdomen.

Lord_Sloth2053d ago

Maybe she's part of Ico's attacks, or maybe he has to protect her. Like he can't get damaged but she can so he has to keep her safe during the fight.

showtimefolks2052d ago (Edited 2052d ago )

Nariko from Heavenly Sword makes perfect sense for this game,

syphon filter Gabriel Logan

ratchet and clank

i wouldn't mind few characters from ratchet and clank like Captain Qwark and Dr. Nefarious

i hope sony packs a lot of characters in the game plus we know some will be DLC, i think DLC characters will be mostly from 3rd party

Patriots_Pride2052d ago

" She was the picture of a helpless, dainty prin"

Whats your point? Princess Peach was the samething and she is one of my fav in SB.

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Relientk772053d ago

It definitely looks like her. I think its possible that she could be in it. They need some female characters for the game

Emilio_Estevez2053d ago (Edited 2053d ago )

I posted this in the forums here on N4G on Friday. IGN is a little late here.

Emilio_Estevez2053d ago

Apparently the link is not true?

aDDicteD2053d ago

yup, it is possible cause they need some female characters in this battle royale

sprinterboy2053d ago

Last guardian related if you ask me, female character perhaps. Nothing to do with smash bro

Patriots_Pride2052d ago

You really think Sony will put a character in this game that no one knows about.

We dont even know when LG will release.

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