Lord of The Rings Online: Revisited

Lord of The Rings Online reaches a monumental five years of MMO life. FromTheDPad's Stacy examines what makes this game great, what is new in the game, and where there is room for improvement.

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SkyCrawler2391d ago

I revisited two days ago....empty. I'm exaggerating though, I would say 2 people for an entire 2 hours.

MyaSharona2391d ago

That's a shame. :\ I can't help but wonder how M the MO would be after such time. I guess if you've still got a core group to play with...?

SkyCrawler2391d ago

Well, you gotta think with all the "next gen" mmo's coming out this game looks a bit dated and everything starts to look dull...imo anyways. Also, if WoW is brought into the equation I would say its only surviving because of the support it's had from being a p2p title.