Is Black Ops 2's Alternate Reality Setting Risky?

After making a Tebow reference to one of Black Ops 2's screenshots,'s Jason Fanelli thinks the setting for the new Call of Duty might be a bad idea. Alternative reality games haven't faired so well lately. Is this a risky move for the franchise?

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tdogchristy902416d ago


To be honest part of the reason I enjoyed mw1-black ops was for the different settings, modern, ww2 (waw), and Vietnam. To me this future setting just looks like something I can get from any other futuristic shooter. Add that to the fact COD overall quality and enjoyment for me has been faltering. I just don't think I can buy into this.

iamnsuperman2416d ago

I am not keen at the moment because the trailer sucked. It was one awful trailer. I was expecting a better trailer from a COD game. A futuristic setting could be interesting but defiantly risky. Just a shame the trailer wasn't that good to show how interesting a futuristic setting could be

GraveLord2416d ago

But there really aren't many futuristic multiplayer shooters out there that are and addicting. Crisis 2 sucked. BF 1943 is dead. Ghost Recon looks great but that is in the third person....

Kingdom Come2416d ago

You obviously don't have a 360 if you aren't mentioning Gears of War or Halo. How about Killzone and Resistance... And being third-person is hardly a negative when practically every game that releases now is an FPS.

Outside_ofthe_Box2416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

It's about time CoD did something risky. One thing is for certain. People can no longer say "it's the same game every year" now.

Maybe now we'll see less games trying to be like CoD now that CoD has finally had a noticeable change.

MattyG2416d ago

"Going the alternate future route is a risky gambit." How can it be alternate future? Does the author know how the future will play out? And the comparison to Turning Point isn't entirely relevant. I don't think that there is any history tweaking going on here. And a futuristic setting isn't very risky. especially not for COD. People will buy it because of brand recognition alone, plus, it looks interesting.

BigManFanelli2416d ago

The game maintains that the Cold War never ended, at least it seems that way, hence the term "alternate future." Cold War's over in the real world, right? That's all I was getting at, though I appreciate the constructive criticism.

MattyG2416d ago

Oh ok. I undertand now. I didn't hear that. From what I heard this is Cold War 2. I guess we'll have to wait to find out! :)

Hazmat132416d ago

this storyline is gonna be awesome much like how i was for MW3 storyline it will be fun! fuck multiplayer.

guitarded772416d ago (Edited 2416d ago )

I agree... I still buy the annual CoD title for the campaign. They really do make a great FPS campaign even if the MP is not my cup of tea. And in all honesty, I don't dislike the MP, just too many people don't know how to play, which ruins it for me... They don't understand that every game mode is not team deathmatch.

Game4life2416d ago

thats kinda why my favorite mode is usually free for all. You don't typically have those people. At least I never see them. The only team based mode i likedever is kill confirmed. Free for all in mw3 honestly was terrible for me

frelyler2416d ago

Hey at least they are trying something different. I almost *&^% my pants when I saw they were using an original idea in a COD game. Pigs do fly and Hell is cold.

additup282416d ago

i havent bought a cod game since modern warfare and this actually peaks my interest a bit

-MD-2416d ago

I haven't bought a CoD game since Modern Warfare and this doesn't peak my interest at all.

Trash franchise.

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