JRPG's Failures on HD Consoles: Why They Exist and How to Fix Them

"Chances are if you are a fan of the JRPG genre, you noticed their rise in popularity during the 90s on the Super Nintendo and PlayStation to their most recent failings on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360."

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Drazz2389d ago

The thing that destroyed jrpgs began in 2006, it was called Elder Scrolls: Oblivion.

Drazz2389d ago

Oblivion started the wrpg revolution for this gen, most didnt wanna go back to jrpg after playing it. It's like tasting steak for the 1st time, after mostly eating chicken.

FlashXIII2389d ago

Oblivion though is a fantasy sandbox game and shares very little in common with JRPGs. It's a great solo game but it lacks the story, emotion, imagination and set pieces that are commonly associated with JRPGs.

NewMonday2389d ago

their was ever just one big selling JRPG game in the west called FF, it was the gateway into JRPGs, but their wasn't a truly great FF game since FF10, that is why their is low fan refresh. the worst is FF13 made many of what is left of the fanbase hang their boots on the genre.

their are others like me who who found other games like Tales and MegaTen to carry the torch.

but all this is for just for HD consoles, on handhelds the Genre is as strong as ever for the low budget, but another problem now is that publishers are not bringing them to the west

Louis_Guzman2389d ago

Pokemon, FF, Kingdom Hearts, the Souls games, Persona all sell great in the west.

8bit_Nes_Rambo2389d ago

The only thing the Elder Scrolls "destroyed" was the idea that a game could actually be sold, day 1, without crippling bugs, lumbering frame rates, features like magically erasing saves and an overall lack of polish.
Personally, I think Bethesda games are bland, boring, tripe. I'll take Xenoblade or the Souls games anyday.
Btw, if you want to get down to sales: Pokemon > any wrpg. Sure it's not HD, go cry me a river.

Drazz2389d ago

AAA HD games should not be compared to wii games and handheld nintendo games. Skyrim 10 mill+ in sales. "Men lie, women lie, numbers don't"

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FlashXIII2389d ago

Personally I don't think all that much is wrong with JRPGs. I agree with what one of the posters above said that the older FF games (7-10) were amazing and introduced many gamers to the genre and simply put, we don't have any JRPGs these days which are of that standard that can bring in a new generation.

Also in England at least, gaming has become so much more mainstream over here in the last five years.. most gamers just don't care for slow paced 40+ hours of story, they want instant gratification stuff like COD and shorter sp experiences like Assassins Creed.

Nexgensensation2389d ago

imo, we need more games like pokemon! Who dont want to TRAVEL all around a fictional world, BATTLING, LEVELING, and COLLECTING little big monsters? who dont want to test their skills in a ONLINE battle?

madjedi2389d ago

Jrpgs are alot more scarce vs last gen, as far as failures on the hd consoles sorry i don't remember any, maybe one really bad nis or atlus game lost worlds or something like that.