A Glorious Day For CoD Haters writes: Today is a glorious day for CoD haters across the globe. The worldwide reveal trailer for the gaming industry's worst kept secret, Call of Duty: Black-Ops 2 has hit the internet with guns blazing, explosions flying and an insightful look towards future warfare. Why is this a glorious day for a CoD hater such as myself?

The trailer was a little bit shit really.

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Snookies122415d ago

Wow... Yeah, I have no idea what the hell they are trying to do with this game, but they've got so many ideas flying every which way it's on a fast track to fail. That trailer was pretty bad, I do have to agree.

EVILDEAD3602415d ago let me get this right..

If the trailer was exactly the same game as Black ops then the Internet would have exploded with a thousand 'it's exactly the same game' rants.

Now that they trying to do something different the haters are now saying they now have an issue BECAUSE it doesn't look exactly like every other COD game.

Basically like most things haters are going to hate no matter what the trailer or the game looked like.


OcelotRigz2415d ago

Exactly, dont play cod anymore myself but the one reason i stopped and assumed why so many people hated the game was because the lack of any real change every year.
Now they seem to be making a major change to the game and people are still complaining. I know the graphics in the trailer look very dated, that's certainly one thing i noticed and is a bit annoying, but if the game plays great then that shouldn't be much of a problem anymore.

I know its "hip" to hate cod, but at least wait till we see some information and gameplay of the multiplayer till we judge it.

StanLee2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

It didn't matter what they showed. There is a segment of the media that likes to hate on COD. I think the new direction is a risk but the trailer at least piqued interests in COD for the first time in a long time. The writer is a douche, who know the one thing the brings hits and writing about COD. Good or bad, debate about the franchise draws crowds.

Snookies122415d ago

I'd rather it just keep being the same old Call of Duty rather than trying to rip off so many other games at once, to the point of it not even being a cohesive product.

I've payed a few CoD games, enjoyed the story for MW2. This however, just isn't great at all. I seriously doubt they're going to get all these things to work correctly in the game. My point is, I'm pretty sure some of these things are going to be half-assed when it comes time to actually play them.

Asgaro2414d ago

It's the old game engine.
You get it?

Piegoose2414d ago

Looks like the same basic gameplay to me, but with robots instead of people and a new helicopter to fly along with the other 3 or 4. I wont buy cod again til they change, at least a decent amount, the core gameplay. I'm just getting tired of fps games in general. Imma be waiting for The Last of Us.

Kurt Russell2414d ago

I haven't played COD since MW2 (found it a bit dissapointing) - I think this one I will give a go, looks different to me.

I think Evil hit the nail on the head.

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Welshy2415d ago

Having got frustrated with the amount of naive people screaming "herpy derp you wanted change but you still complain", i'm just gonn a throw a news flash out there.

When people (myself included) demanded innovation and change, this has clearly been misinterpreted as "we want a massive, unbalanced, clusterf*ck of rip offs from at least 20 other franchises".

MY version of "innovation and change", is the kind that COD4 done. define a genre, create a unique identity for your franchise. BLOPS 2 is definately not doing that, they have taken "change" too literally and just went polar opposite of current COD.

There are so many mixed up ideas and directions in this game, even the finest minds will have a rough time balancing any kind of multiplayer, even the most hardcore of yearly COD kids will have a rough time defending this.

Karlnag32415d ago

"There are so many mixed up ideas and directions in this game, even the finest minds will have a rough time balancing any kind of multiplayer"

This from one *singleplayer* trailer? Good Job.

Fylus2414d ago

Karlnag, I think his statement comes from all the evidence, leaks, and confirmations by the developers. Not just the single player trailer.

lilbrat232414d ago

What changes have they made to the game? None that I could see except the story and campaign. From the leaked online play its still the same old stuff nothing new. Same graphics same engine same old sh*t just a different name.

Hufandpuf2415d ago

IDK, I hate COD as much as the next guy, but at LEAST BLOPS 2 doesn't look like a rehash. Yes the multiplayer will be shit, but the singleplayer looks interesting, albeit shitty graphics.

hellerphant2415d ago

To make a successful futuristic shooter I feel you need to have a unique setting. Syndicate and Deus Ex: Human Revolution do this really well. BLOPS 2 looks like a rip off across so many franchises, and it feels like it will just be CoD but with some futuristic gadgets. DEHR was in 2027, and it managed to be bad ass.

Nate-Dog2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

You don't really think it's going to be any different from the usual campaign mode full of the same set-pieces and dull story and multiplayer mode which has been the exact same for 5 years straight, do you?

I still don't know how people can enjoy these. A few years ago maybe, but even for the CoD-only players surely paying $60 for the same game 6 years in a row is getting old?

Probably not, I underestimate how stupid people are at times. (That's not aimed at you by the way, I can see why you may think it with the way I worded it.)

christian hour2415d ago

Agree with you completely Nate, and I dunno if its because my sound card is busted and i had to watch the vid with no sound, but it seemed to me like the physics in the game worked on the same principles as magic. Just the way things exploded and moved, seemed totally weird to me, but again it may have been the lack of sound.

One thing is for certain though, 75% of the dialogue will be swear words and cool army slang, because apparently thats how your write gripping dialogue :P the other 25% will be "war? war never changes... except when it changes... but even then... war.. is... war... change... future? future change-war... never... futures? war never futures... yes, war never future changes... expletive deleted... AMERICA!"

I havea couple friends who buy COD every year, I've long given up trying to show them the light, though MW3 definitely changed a few peoples opinions, so hopefully BLOPS2 will convert the rest into not wasting 60 quid on a game they already own 6 times.

If COD:MW was a PC only game, its sequels, as well as black ops and WAW, would have been 15-20 euro expansion packs. When did it all go FUBAR?

kevnb2415d ago

Cod has 60 fps, which is much better than pretty graphics at 20-30 fps. Its why many people don't even play anything else still.

dazzrazz2415d ago

I rather play something with 30 frames than 60 and looks of raw 3d models

christian hour2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )


I don't even know where to begin to start pointing out how flawed that argument about fps is, but there is no defending charging 60 euro for a game running on a 6 year old engine that has seen little to no improvement at all.

Would you watch one of those shoddy movie sequels that have less production value than the original, nearly an entirely new cast, new writers and released straight to a dvd bargain bin?

You know the kind I'm talking about, terrible sequels that doesnt have the original creators behind it, any passion behind the original project is nowhere to be found and thus it lacks the essence of everything you loved about the original.

Thats exactly what COD is now, Treyarch are just a dev company brought in to work on COD games so they can throw one out every second year, whilst Infinity Ward do the same and fill the gap.

And infinity ward isnt even a shadow of its former self, any of the original creative minds behind COD have long since gone, they're at Respawn ENtertainment now, its their next game that should get your money, not this tired series that should have been put down long ago.

TekoIie2415d ago (Edited 2415d ago )

@Christian hour

I love how you talk about a flawed argument then make your own flawed argument...

The development of games and movies are incomparable on so many levels.

kevnb2415d ago

lol at the haters, you know its true and you probably are all getting every cod game every year. Its just cool to hate something so popular.

Euthanasia782415d ago

@kevnb, looks like one person (probably you) agrees with you. Lets see how many people disagree with you. I bet everyone

Hicken2414d ago

60fps is pretty pointless if the game is boring. And being not very exciting is something the CoD franchise has done a lot of in recent years, for a lot of people.

It's all well and good if you enjoy it, but you're being silly if you think the same, tired old engine is better than a certain new engine because the new one is 30fps and the old one is 60. A game is about so much more than that, but it seems like that's the only thing CoD fans really have left to cling to.

christian hour2412d ago


I wasnt comparing the development of games to movies, I was saying that COD games are now comparable to those bargain bin staright to dvd movie sequels in that the only reason they exist is because "money!". None of the original passion remains behind the series anymore.

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_LarZen_2415d ago

COD haters...subgamers.

Welshy2415d ago

Implying that COD lovers, those gamers who spend £45/$60 a year, for the same game, for 6 straight years are the lesser gamers?

If buying "lesser" games, implied by low sales, makes me a "subgamer", then quite frankly, i'll proudly hold that title as long as i should play video games! =)

Ser2414d ago

We're subgamers because we actually like a miniscule amount of diversity in our gaming experiences? PLEASE, SON.

I hate CoD. I've been CoD-free since MW2, and I feel like a million bucks not being weighed down by my peers to buy the next cawadoody title year after bloody year.

Did I mention how old the engine is?

_LarZen_2414d ago

Why use time and energy on a game you dont like? It's not like COD is the only FPS out there, there are alot of great FPS games.

People that cant deal with a game series that millions love and that gets so much PR that they start to "hate" the game and use so much time letting others know about it is in my opinion subgamers.

Its like the ever going battle of angry nerds with Android vs iOS. Android fans so angry everythime there is an article or Apple comes with something new.

I gues people cant handle that something they dont like is so popular and getting so much PR.

It aint like most games launched are evelvong is there? Most are just the same over and over again, with a few exceptions now and then.

Not many close to so popular as the COD series tho, hence all the angry subgamers.

Black Ops 2 is even adding new elements to its series, much cant be said to many other fps games out or on the way.

So, yeah...COD haters are subgamers. Angry sad little nerds that cant handle that a game series they dont like is one of the world's most popular fps games of all time.

Deal with it.

Ser2413d ago

Who said anything about using time and energy? Did you miss the part where I said I haven't touched a CoD title since MW2? If you consider typing and reading articles to be a task that consumes "energy," you must get tired from breathing and blinking.

I can't handle CoD being popular? Yeah, man, you sure pegged me right! I toss and turn and lose sleep over CoD's popularity every single night! I wake up in cold sweats dreading the next rehashed title. I'm a mess, bro.

Pfft, take your little superiority complex somewhere else, kid. These "subgamers" you speak of are the ones that aren't following blindly like a bunch of lemmings.

It's funny how you're calling people that don't play CoD nerds. Because it's not like the millions of people running around online on CoD going "PEW PEW PEW UAV INCOMING! PEW PEW PEW!" aren't nerds at all, right? Spare me the drama, poser.

You're just a sad brogamer that's butthurt because his favorite gaming series is being hated on by people who actually play other things. Expand your horizons, go play something else besides that mindless run-'n'-gun drivel. It might do you some good.

I was playing FPS titles long before cawadoody came out, and I can assure you that I will still be playing them long after CoD dies face down in a puddle of dirty garbage in the gutter.

Let me spell something out for you, buddy:

Tony Hawk, DEAD...Guitar Hero, DEAD...I think you know what comes next. :)

TekoIie2415d ago

Lol what do you expect them to do? N4g is being bombarded with COD articles they gotta keep themselves busy...

Jio2415d ago

I don't like CoD, but this guy has the worst reasons for hating it -_-

Asgaro2414d ago

I assume you wish it were ponies, and not horses?

Moncole2414d ago

Rainbow Dash would make it 20% cooler.

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