Starhawk - Top Ways to Kill Trailer

TheParanoidGamer: Check out the latest Starhawk trailer, which shows off the many hilarious ways of getting kills.

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StrongMan2297d ago

Ha! I've done them all except the chicken shot. I didn't know you could kill a destroy a jetbike and it's rider with one shot from the shotgun. Awesome. Tuesday can't come soon enough.

Raoh2297d ago

Pre-Ordered from Gamestop this afternoon.

And they announced the free gifts for beta players and warhawk players too.

Chitown712912297d ago

This game does not have enough hype......

solidjun52297d ago

Yea it needs more. I can't wait to get my hands on this. ^_^

VsAssassin2297d ago

I wanna buy this but Diablo 3 is coming up. What to do!?

solidjun52297d ago

If you can...both!!! ^_^
If you can't, whatever choice you make, you'll have fun with it.

h311rais3r2297d ago

Honestly I found war hawk better. Still good game tho

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