10 PlayStation characters we NEED in All-Stars Battle Royale

The PlayStation experts at look through Sony's repertoire of first, second, and third-party characters, and build their dream.

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Relientk772392d ago

Would love to see:

Rudy Roughnight [Wild Arms]
Jeanne d’Arc [Jeanne d’Arc]
Wander & Colossus [Shadow of the Colossus]
Sir Dan [MediEvil]
Dart [Legend of Dragoon]

from this list

sinncross2392d ago

Interesting list.

I still kind of feel that Toro needs to be in this game for the JPN market.

garos822392d ago

who is this toro? never heard of him/her

id love sir dan, solid snake,anyone from valkyria chronicles,crash, madison page.gex and moby from ssx!

sinncross2392d ago

Toro is THE PS mascot for Japan.

HE gets cross promo'd with other licenses... right now with the Madoka anime.

Many people know who he is here in Japan (if they like PS anyways). Him being in the game is good for marketing in JPN and helps celebrate a character who is perhaps the only staple mascot the PS division has ever had.

StanSmith2392d ago

Gex needs to return to Playstation. He needs to be in this game & get his own game again. Gex 4 anybody?

Also, Sony should work something out with Activision to get Crash in here. The first game I got for my PS1 was Crash Bandicoot and I still play it to this day on my PS3.

NukaCola2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

I 100% agree Gex needs to be in this game.

I 200% agree that Gex needs a new title. He was such a classic character. Great Trilogy. I am totally ready to ReENTER THE GECKO

NeXXXuS2392d ago

Dart - Legend of Dragoon

Skateboard2392d ago

He would be like Roy and Lavitz could be Marth, Legend Of Dragoon for life.

aDDicteD2392d ago

nice list, though there are many characters that we NEED, not just 10

supremacy2392d ago

I agree, check out my list...

1.Cloaked man-journey
2.Fat princess
4.Minomoto Yoshitsune-Gen
6.Jaster Rogue-Rogue galaxy
7.Kratos-God of war
8.PaRappa the Rapper
9.Leonard-white knight chronicles
10.Robbit-Jumping flash
11.Kat-Gravity rush
13.Dart-The legend of dragoon
14.Gabe logan
15.Toan- Dark cloud
17.Captain blasto-Blasto
18.Nariko-Heavenly sword
20.Sir Daniel Fortesque-MediEvi
21.Emmit smith-Starhawk
23.Rudy RoughKnight- Wild arms
24.Sweet tooth- Twisted meta
25.Vahn-Legend of legaia
26.Specter- Ape escape
27.Arc-Arc the lad
28.Ratchet-Ratchet and clank
29.Natha Drake-uncharted
31.Nathan hale-Resistance
32.Jak-jak and daxter
33.Cole MacGrath-inFamous
34.Lil and laarge-escape plan
35.Mael Radec-Killzone
36.Sly- Sly cooper


37.Madison page-Heavy rain
40.Mark Hammond-The getaway
41.Rau Utu-The Mark of kri
42.Sorcerer's apprentice- Sorcery

3rd party DLC

44.Solid snake(old snake)- Metal gear solid
45.Lara croft-Tomb raider
46.Leon kennedy-Resident evil 2,4 & 6
47.Cloud strife-Final fantasy 7
48.Crash-Crash bandicoot
49.Spyro-Spyro the dragon
50.Rayman- Rayman
51.Azio- Assasins's creed
52.Tommy versetti-Grand theft auto vice city
54.Sora-Kingdom hearts

aDDicteD2392d ago

yup there are endless to what any of us can think of but i hope there's no dlc on this one

I_am_Batman2391d ago

1.Cloaked man-journey - I don't think it'll be there as a playable character but as a npc or at least a Journey stage would be great.

5.Mr.Buzz - we've seen him as a stage npc so I don't think he'll be a playable char.

19.Ellen-Folklore - I would rather add Keats just because he has that badass super form power. But any inclusion of Folklore would be great.

31.Nathan hale-Resistance - again I would rather see another character: the Chimaira.

38.K.A.R.A - most likely won't happen. It was just a tech demo.

Anyway great list.

stonekilla232392d ago

Well this was a pretty horrible list (IMO). I say Tomba FTW!

stonekilla232392d ago

And tomba! on US PSN would be nice

PHOSADRA2392d ago

I actually wouldn't mind seeing Ellen And Keats in the game. Sure the characters themselves aren't the most vivid or colorful, but they both have some kick ass folks at their disposal and could easily go head to head with other characters if the correct folks are chosen.

I_am_Batman2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

I've already posted this on another article but didn't get any feedback so here we go again.

Keats (Folklore)
Nariko (got to be in there)
Cole McGrath
Solid Snake (Psychomantis would be cool as a boss)
Ratchet & Clank
Chimaira (Resistance)
Sir Daniel Fortesque
Crash Bandicoot
Spiro the Dragon
Jak & Dexter
Funky Lab Rat

Eye of Judgement cards (like the pokeballs in SSB)
Blast Shards (+1 to super)
Raysphere (instant super level 3)
some Ratchet & Clank Weapons
Hedgehog grenade (Resistance)
Cloud's sword

Gaia's heart (GoW 3)
Shadow of the Colossus
New Marais

aDDicteD2392d ago

"here we go again" , lol, well almost every article of ps all stars makes you want to put in every fav. character

i agree on those list, chances are almost all of those might made it to the battle royale

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