E3 2012 Dates and Time Zone Breakdown For All Conferences

Here it is, all the dates and time zone breakdowns for all the major news conferences for E3 2012

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sinncross2118d ago

Cool, keeping this table for when E3 begins!!!

Anarki2118d ago

Why does sony hate the UK and always have its conference at 2am! Bad times, guess I'll be having a late night

mushroomwig2118d ago

Blaming Sony for time zones now? :P

RedDead2118d ago

It's either us or Japan. Who do you think Sony would pick?

sprinterboy2118d ago

You do realise its in the states lol

SolidStoner2117d ago

it starts at 4 AM in my place... :) seems I will skip it, but next morning news will be all around the web, to keep me entertained all day long. :)

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trenso12117d ago

Besides G4 where else can you watch E3?

Karum2117d ago

Sony will broadcast their press conference on the blog and in PS Home like last year.

Pretty sure MS streamed their own conference on last year.

As for the rest I'm sure IGN will have a little studio set up on the floor with a whole bunch of stuff too.

apollo062118d ago

I cannot wait!!!! I own all the system and love this time of year.

MariaHelFutura2118d ago

Same here. When you own all the systems going into events like this, you realize how great it is to not be absorbed by all the bullsh!t and to just enjoy gaming.

LOGICWINS2118d ago

I only own one system, the PS3, by choice...and I'm enjoying plenty of gaming :)

Outside_ofthe_Box2118d ago


I recall you saying you own a 360 and a PS3 before...

blumatt2117d ago (Edited 2117d ago )

Perhaps he sold it. lol I used to have one as well. I liked it okay, but I sold it due to not enough exclusives to make it worth keeping. Every game I wanted I could get on the PS3, so there was no point in keeping it. Now, we're about to get slammed yet again on the PS3 with exclusives. Sony Smash Bros, God of War Ascension, and the unannounced exclusive.

I sure hope the PS4 is shown and comes out next Christmas (2013) at $399 launch price. It would be awesome if the PS4 actually came out a year ahead of the competition (X) this time.

solidjun52118d ago

i wouldn't be surprised if he did say that.

waltyftm2117d ago

He only owns an Atari Lynx, he just comments because he likes to be in with the crowd.

solidjun52117d ago

if that's true, he's a confirmed troll.

Kingdom Come2117d ago

Same here, which is one of the things that makes E3 so wonderful.

ssb31732118d ago (Edited 2118d ago )

Okay I'm really confused here. Some sites are saying that E3 is June 4-6 and others are saying it's June 5-7. Which is it? -__-

Hatiko2118d ago

The show actually starts on the 5th and the floor is open and all the booths are there. The conferences are all pre-e3. The show starts after the nintendo conference (weather it is right after or a few hours after I do not know).

PshycoNinja2117d ago

Show floor opens at 12 on the 5th so Nintendos Conferance ends almost an hour before E3 show floor opens.

Nutsack2118d ago

MS, Nin conferences are nice at the start of the evening (Europe), Sony 03.00 in the middle of the night....

TekoIie2118d ago

It's real awkward. I guess I'll have to wait till later that day for Sony :(

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