Could ‘Black Ops 2′ Merge Series With ‘Modern Warfare’?

Andrew Dyce of Game Rant writes "New details released for ‘Black Ops 2′ confirm that a futuristic setting will replace the 1960's. Could this be a sign that the two ‘Call of Duty’ franchises are being joined into one?"

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GraveLord2389d ago

It's a continuation of the Black Ops Story many years into the future.....

From the leaked screenshots it doesn't look anything like Modern Warfare except for graphics.


NIRVANArazor2389d ago

It doesn't make since Woods is in it. In the future yet he was born in 1930 O_O

ShottySnipa4172389d ago

Then again, it's the future. They might have made many advancements in medical technology that makes the average population live much longer and age slower.

MattyG2389d ago

Woods will be 95 in this game. It's not too unbelievable. Oh ya except for that little incident with the grenade. HOW IS HE ALIVE!?
and shottysnipa417 thats actually a realy good point i never thought of that.

spicelicka2389d ago

lol no, then they cant release one every year