God of War multiplayer may not "move the needle on sales" says Pachter

God of War: Ascension was officially unveiled last month and one of the surprising additions to the franchise is a new multiplayer mode. It's a pattern we've seen before: single-player games that seemingly have no real need for a multiplayer mode are getting multiplayer modes in what appears to be an effort to boost sales, mitigate the used effect and generally give a title a longer tail.

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GraveLord2393d ago

It will. It will bring in a whole new fanbase.

Dante1122393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

Lol, word. Didn't he also say that God of War 3 sell well and that God of War 4 was coming out this year?

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Abash2393d ago

We should wait and see if it increases sales or not, it's not like Pachter hasnt been wrong before

Dante1122393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

WTH! Did a mod edit my first comment? Now there even a source and even that's off. But yeah, I'd take this with a grain of salt. Patcher is wrong about stuff 90% of the time.

MaxXAttaxX2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

GOW3 sold abou 5mil.
Does it need to push the needle? Of course more is always better. But even if it doesn't, it will still make solid numbers. No biggie.

Kingdom Come2393d ago

How so? The gameplay is evidently immensely similar to that of the single-player portion.

Blaze9292393d ago

no one is going who-ra over God of War multiplayer. I think we all know this.

MaxXAttaxX2391d ago

When you say "no one", you mean no one in your XBL friends list? lololol.

Seriously though, I understand that not everyone may be excited, but believe it or not there's actually.... you know what, I'm not going to bother any further. And it's Oorah by the way.

Afterlife2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

The fact that this game is a prequel to Chains of Olympus, in other words the beginning of Kratos. Which means you can play this game without playing any of the God of War games. So I think it will.

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MultiConsoleGamer2393d ago

Mikey says a lot of things.

I don't even think this was made to win new fans, it was made to please long time fans of the series. Sort of a reward. I'm really looking forward to it.

Xof2393d ago

I'm not a big fan of God of War (that awful, awful writing) so I haven't been following this GoW4 stuff at all, but in THEORY, multiplayer could be huge and draw in a far bigger fanbase than the single-player only offerings ever could.

Of course, it would probably take a lot of work to get a good GoW multiplayer game built, and likely require lots of engine work. But I think it'd be worth it to play online as Zeus or Hades, or Heracles or a Titan. The whole Greek fantasy setting has a LOT of potential that, thus far, the GoW franchise really hasn't taken advantage of.

Imagine a GoW fighting game (think 3D arena combat ala the Gundam VS titles) with greek gods, heros and titans--and terrain deformation. In theory, such a game would be more deserving of the term, "epic," than any other in the medium's short history.

Abash2393d ago (Edited 2393d ago )

You lost me when you said God of War has "awful, awful writing" and I even thought you were accidentally talking about Gears of War at first.

TheGameFoxJTV2393d ago

They're both pretty bad when it comes to story.

Simon_Brezhnev2393d ago

Of course somebody that likes LoGH would say this. Most LoGH fans act like its the greatest story telling anime of all time.

Xof2392d ago

...What an immature response.

Canary2392d ago

Utterly irrelevant (and inaccurate). GoW's writing is not good... by any metric. I get that you like God of War. That's fine, so do I, but when someone criticizes a game you like the one thing you DO NOT DO is attack that person for liking someone else.

Obviously, you must be a big fan of Game of Thrones--those ******s all say crap like this.

Simon_Brezhnev2392d ago


LOL, who said i never liked LoGH. I just said just about everybody crazy about LoGH think everything else is shit. You coming at me like you got some authority or something. LOL

VsAssassin2392d ago

Ha? GoW has the best narrative in an action game. Maybe you are referring to Bayonetta? The original GoW told a story so crisp, I felt the whole world was one cohesive plane; like every area is connected even though they are chopped up into segments. The story development was also full of cohesion. Yeah, you might be talking about Bayonetta.

Canary2392d ago

I believe we're talking about God of War as a franchise, not the first game in it.

And narrative quality is NOT dependent on medium.

Outside_ofthe_Box2392d ago

I'm not big a fan of GOW either. I'm just not a big fan of hack n slash, but the multiplayer does interest me though. So I have my eye on it for now.

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Lulz_Boat2393d ago

DOES IT NEED to move?
lol, we are talking about GOD OF WAR.

KwietStorm2393d ago

Really though, I don't think they would lose sleep if it didn't "move the needle" on 3 million sales. I don't know why Pachter articles keep getting posted.

Abash2393d ago

Im pretty sure God of War III sold about 5 million copies

TekoIie2392d ago


That seems very good considering its genre. Most the time i expect everything thats not a shooter to struggle to hit the 2mil mark. Forgetting how popular things really are.

HungPHATx2393d ago

It moved my needle and that all that counts in my book....

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